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The Solar Plexus Chakra

Unit 7 – Master Your Energy E-course.

The Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Power of your Unique Self


We will describe the Solar Plexus chakra following four main maps: the original Vedas, the 5 Elements of the Medicine Wheel, the Inca shamanic tradition and A. Judith’s Age development model.

(For an overview of the models, see Unit 3 ‘The Energy of Chakras’)

Description and Archetypes

After expansion and flow with the water element in the sacral chakra, in the solar plexus chakra we meet with fire and focus our energy. Strongly rooted in chakra one, open to perception and creativity in chakra two, we move now into self-definition and focused action. We master here our Personal Power, we make clear choices and direct our will into action, expressing our uniqueness in the world. With strength and determination, we manifest our purpose in alignment with the Divine will. The Solar Plexus is the chakra of liberation of energy to stand strong in self-confidence and true to our Soul journey.

The solar plexus chakra is positioned between the navel and the sternum. In the Vedas it is called Manipura, meaning lustrous gem or city of jewels, indicating the precious divine talents and gifts each one of us possesses, which we naturally express in many ways and forms.

The symbol of Manipura is a 10 petalled lotus containing a downwards pointing red triangle. The triangle refers to the fire element and pictures the kundalini ascending vortex of energy. Energy spirals upwards gathering strength from earth and water, to spark into the lighter quality of fire as exuberant vitality. The lotus rooted in mud emerges out of water into sunlight.

We meet here with Shiva Rudra, the primordial deity-form of the yogic cosmology. Rudra means big roar, the explosion of light, sound and form out of which the universe is born, as described similarly in the Big Bang theory. Shiva Rudra represents the beginning of the journey of individuation. From the consciousness of One, Shiva roars his way into being, consciousness expanding into different dimensions of matter. Similarly, we do have the power of conscious manifestation in the world, as self-determined beings able to express the unique vibration of their Soul.

In the Hindu trilogy, where Brahman is Creator in the Root chakra and Vishnu is Preserver in the Sacral chakra, Shiva becomes the Destroyer in the Solar plexus chakra. Shiva in this form facilitates liberation. The story goes that when Brahman finished creating the universe, Shiva opened his eyes and saw all the suffering in the world. He attacked Brahman blaming him for the creation of the mind, source of suffering, to realize soon that the active mind is just a neutral instrument. What Shiva destroys is only our ignorance, our conditioning and self-imposed limitations, ultimately our false sense of a separate self. Shiva is often depicted as dancing on the head of a dwarf, taming our small self, our limited Ego. Shiva dissolves the illusion of separation, of the birth and death cycle, liberating our real Self, the only source of power.

The element of the chakra is fire. In different cultures fire is associated to many Sun deities, Gods and Goddesses. The sun was revered as a divine because it is light and light means life; in fact, the maximum concentration of life forms is found at the equator. Fire meant a great leap in evolution for humankind; it was used for warmth and food, to create utensils, and for protection.

Among many other Goddesses embodying the spirit of fire we find celtic Brigid. Her symbol is the hearth (similarly to Roman Vesta), representing the place where we kindle the flame of home activities, and of all arts and crafts. The hearth is also a symbol of protection of our inner sacred flame.

Fire, as energy and power, is reflected in our vitality, dynamism, passion in relationships, drive in creative endeavors, and in the ability to protect our boundaries.

Another quality of fire is focus, the skill to concentrate attention to attain maximum results. In Celtic shamanism the tool for fire is the wand, which is used to direct energy. Focus is the ability to keep the arrow firmly pointed to the target. With one pointed focus we make decisive choices, establish clear boundaries, and take resolute actions to reach our goals.

Finally, fire is associated with purification. Fire creates quick and radical transformation and in shamanism it is used to release negative energies. Fire energy facilitates change, when we need to transform old patterns and start a new cycle of creation in our Soul evolution.

In Inka shamanism the chakra archetype is Hummingbird, a tiny superfast bird which defies the laws of physics and inspires us to acknowledge our uniqueness and trust our Soul journey. Hummingbirds flap their wings in a figure of eight, can truly fly backwards, and can hover on the same spot remaining still in flight. Each year, they embark on two migrations - from South to North America and back - smartly latching on the back of geese. Hummingbirds know where to feed on their journeys and with their long beaks, draw deeply the nectar from all flowers. Hummingbirds’ migrations require immense talent and a great amount of energy and represent the human hero’s journey through life. The lessons here are many; each creature, no matter how small, is talented enough for life; our intuition guides us on each step of the Soul’s journey; the nectar of life and knowledge is available to us, provided we stay centred in dynamism (stillness in flight).

In Huna shamanism the solar plexus chakra is part of the Basic Self, (see the model of Basic-Conscious-Higher Selves in Unit 4). The Basic Self is formed by the combined energies of the lower three chakras. In the solar chakra physical and emotional energies are directed into willed activity. The Basic Self is like the Spiritual Warrior, who needs the King for strategy (Conscious Self) and the wise Sage for purpose (Higher Self). In the third chakra we harness an active and practical intelligence, that moves us with will and courage; and this power has to be used in integrity, beyond our personal interest, under the direction of the Conscious Self and in alignment with the Divine will.

In many yoga practices Manipura is a power storage centre. The energy rising from the root and expanding in the sacral, is gathered here in a ball of light, to be directed into action under our Soul’s guidance. The raw kundalini energy is stored in the chakra, which becomes a strong-hold where we anchor our power. It is a question of directing rather than controlling this force, in harmony with our Soul purpose. Personal power needs to be aligned with Soul intention. Energy ascending meets energy descending, for active manifestation in the world (see Picture 1 - Balancing Power and Soul Purpose).

In the Age development model, the child is 2-4 years old and is building her Ego identity. During these years the child asserts her power and will, with frequent temper tantrums and saying no to everything. The child is developing self-confidence and learning to be independent. Parents can help the child to develop autonomy and personal authority by setting safe boundaries, encouraging action, and praising all achievements. This is a delicate phase of building ego strength and self-esteem. The process goes through trial and error, and mistakes are a way to learn more about oneself and the world. It is very important that the child feels supported, safe and free to explore her personal power, learning to trust her innate ability to respond to any challenge in life.

Emotions, core beliefs and issues in the solar plexus chakra

Manipura is a chakra of manifestation. Shiva Rudra represents the primordial myth of the individuated Self. We hold here our Ego identity; from latin, E = I and Go= Earth, the manifestation of the Self on Earth. With ego and individuation, however, the illusion of separateness arises, at the root of all suffering in many spiritual traditions.

When we believe we are separate beings we feel alone, unloved, unsupported, often overwhelmed and somehow inadequate for life. We also feel separated when we adopt a materialist and mechanistic view of life, disconnected from the oneness of life and in competition with others. In general, any identification with specific characteristics of the personality also leads to disconnection from our real Self, which is whole and unlimited.

The goal is cultivating Ego Awareness versus Ego Identification. In our many life cycles, we embody different ego identities and roles; in the presence of awareness, we maintain our fluidity and accept birth and death of forms, experiencing the Self afresh in every moment.

The element of the chakra is fire. Fire is warmth, passion and vitality, a force driving us towards the fulfillment of our desires. Fire energy is a neutral power, like all forms of power. Unfortunately, we continue to witness many degrees of abuse of this power, both in the global arena and in our private lives.

The issue of dominance is clearly represented by the classical, war-waging triangle of Victim-Persecutor-Rescuer, where fire power is misused in different ways. The Persecutor has an inflated Ego and overpowers with an aggressive attitude. The Rescuer is a narcissist as well, using her power to appear and feel good, or for atonement. The Victim has a deflated Ego and disowns her power, becoming a petty tyrant with passive-aggressive behavior. In all roles there is anger; fire power is either repressed or uncontrolled; and at the root we find the pain of not being loved unconditionally.

There is a lot of fear in handling fire energy, which instead could be used positively to pursue our goals and to protect our boundaries. Fear of fire is worsened by the cultural judgment against hot-blooded cultures and of passion in general, as dangerous forces that could undermine social control. Fire is a power to be kindled and directed with integrity, not cooled down. Nobody has the right to put off the fire of our passions, because this is the power behind our Self expression and truth.

In the symbology of the Hummingbird’s life, we are reminded of the importance of following our unique Soul purpose and be true to ourselves. To know ourselves, our highest values and natural talents is a requirement for fulfillment and inner peace. Being on our hero’s journey means to live in integrity according to our true nature.

In life we fulfill different roles, we are lovers, parents, workers and more, but we always embody a unique essence of being. Our identity is always evolving but needs to unfold in alignment with our Soul expression. Unfortunately, external conditioning and issues of co-dependency make us lose sight with our highest values and Soul's will.

We may conform to rigid identities out of fear of rejection and shame. We may abdicate our independent thinking and creativity because we want to feel safe, accepted and loved. In order to feel powerful, we may set up strategies to prove we are good enough, holding on to roles that make us feel we have value. We betray our Soul purpose for love and validation and disconnect from our inner guidance.

In the process other people’s emotions and thoughts get entangled in our energy field and we do not feel ourselves clearly anymore. No man is an island, we are all interdependent, but a prerequisite for any cooperation is to know ourselves and to be true to our Soul journey. Our highest values are the only real motivators. Our power will not be engaged in action if we are not aligned with our Soul vision.

From the Basic Self model instead, we understand that we will not commit to action if our power is not aligned with the Conscious Self. This is the case when our critical lower mind undermines our confidence and trust in ourselves. There is a practical intelligence in the solar plexus energy, moving us to act effectively in world. A mind in action, connected to our instinct and our spiritual intuition.

The problem arises when the conscious mind works against us, with inner criticism and negative thinking. What is normally called negative ego is that systems of rigid beliefs and identities, derived from wounding and indoctrination which disconnects us from the intelligence of our true Self. When our mind is over analyzing and continuously linked to memories of the past, consciousness cannot express itself freely.

The issue of a negative ego mind plays in our reactivity: instead of acting we react. The mind then becomes highly critical, creates comparisons, superiority and inferiority, should and should not; is prone to defensiveness or fight, and most of all it reacts and resists. Whenever our mind blocks our power, our actions and will, we need to stop and seek awareness. Are we reacting because we are taken over by our negative mind or because we are defending our values? If our reactions are due to past wounding or external negative narratives, we need to seek healing and re-centre.

We need to tune into the Chitta Mind, what the Yogis call the ‘cosmic intelligence’ that arises from our silent and peaceful state of being, where we know life by direct experience and all knowledge and power are available from connection to Spirit.

Manipura is a storage centre for power and as such, imbalances arise when the charge of energy is either excessive, deficient or stuck.

The charge is deficient when we don’t allow the kundalini energy from the earth to rise. This is the case when the energy is blocked in the root or sacral chakra, often due to physical and emotional abuse. Other examples are when tribal authorities dominate our sense of identity (1st chakra block) or when the natural child is overpowered by a controlling inner adult (2nd chakra block). With a deficient charge we don’t have enough power for action.

The charge is excessive when the energy rises uncontrolled, fueled by wounding in the first and second chakra or when untamed by the Soul guidance. Trauma from abuse is often the root cause of excessive and violent outbursts, in different degrees of intensity. An excessive dominant attitude may also be the consequence of focusing on egoic personal goals rather than Soul purpose. With an excessive charge action becomes impulsive and aggressive.

When the energy is stuck in the solar plexus there is rigidity in both posture and behavior. The person has built an armor around herself, and displays a lot of resistance in order to control actions and outcomes. There is often luck of trust and disconnection from the Soul and fear of being hurt, dominated and controlled.

At the solar plexus stage, in the age-development model, the child is learning to exercise her will and authority; the way parents model authority will influence how she will become as a responsible adult. If the child is respected and protected when exploring her identity and autonomy, she will develop the necessary self-esteem and discipline to manifest her goals in the world. The core issue highlighted here is about the trade-off between love and power, because any child naturally looks at parents for love and validation. When the parental power is misused there will be consequences.

For love the abandoned child may abdicate her power and will. As an adult one may be pleasing and insecure, continuously looking for external approval. The same rejected child may overdo or abuse power as an adult, to compensate feelings of shame and unworthiness.

If the child is over-managed she will not train her ability to be self-reliant and the excessive parental control will hinder the exploration of the child’s natural abilities.

In the worst case scenarios, the environment to explore autonomy will not be safe if parents are abusive, either physically or emotionally, shaming the child or breaking her will.

The abandoned child, the controlled child and the abused child will likely develop toxic shame, believing they are somehow defective as a human being. In adulthood they will not trust their inner guidance; self-esteem and sense of personal power will be stifled by negative beliefs about oneself; victim-like or aggressive patterns of behavior will be developed as a consequence..

Core beliefs in the solar plexus chakra:


- I am lonely, not supported

- Spirit has abandoned me

- The world is overwhelming, and I cannot cope

- The world is aggressive, and I need to dominate

- I am on my own and life ends with me.

Soul’s purpose:

- I do not know my purpose, I have lost my direction, I do not know who I am

- All beliefs connected to rigid identities and roles

- I have no value, no special talents and gifts for the world

- Only my personal interest is important, I am special, superior

External authorities:

- People in position of power know better, I am powerless, I have no control over my life

- I know it all, I am more powerful, I am always in control

- I need other people’s opinion, my mind is weak

- I am always right, I never listen to others

Fire energy imbalances:

- I cannot stand my ground, I lack courage

- I cannot control my anger, I need to fight and dominate

- I have no energy, I lack strength

- I need constant activity, I like extreme risks


- I can’t do it, I am unworthy, I am not good enough

- I am a failure, I cannot take care of myself

- I need to achieve, I value independence above all

- My gratification comes first

Imbalances in the body

Specific correlations with glands, organs and systems can be found in relation to the chakra position in the body.

Typically, the solar plexus area is involved with metabolism and the digestive system. Disorders can be in the liver, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder. We may find high or low blood sugar levels and illnesses such as diabetes, indigestion, stomach ulcers, and excess weight (especially around the middle). Imbalances may manifest in other parts of the body, linking to the symbolic qualities of the chakra. For example, low vitality can be reflected in a weak immune system, adrenal exhaustion, chronic fatigue and mobility issues.

An excessive chakra may lead to anxiety, ADHD or violent behaviour. A deficient chakra can lead to depression or self-harming behaviour. A deficient chakra may show a collapsed-in-itself body, whilst an excessive chakra may show either a wiry, bony body or a rigid stocky body. In both cases we may have addictions to either stimulating or relaxing substances in food or drugs, such as carbs, coffee, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana.

However, as energy medicine reflects psycho-spiritual issues, each person may present symptoms of a dysfunctional solar chakra that involve more than one body system.

Healing and balancing the chakra

Healing the solar plexus chakra is about restoring Personal Power in alignment with the Soul purpose.

Do you feel connected to your authentic Self? Do you know your highest values and intentions? Do you know your talents and natural gifts? Do you have the vitality, confidence and determination to pursue your goals? Do you stand strong in your space and boundaries? Do you trust and value yourself?

Manipura represents an acceleration in the ascension process, as we access here the formidable power of the fire element. By knowing and accepting this force, we allow the kundalini energy to rise in our body, and liberate our vitality, passion and drive.

The release of fire energy needs to happen organically. Excess fire can lead to aggressive behavior; a fast ascension of kundalini energy can be ungrounding, disconnecting us from our body. On the other hand, the fear of fire can block our vitality, keeping us in depression and stasis. Healing happens when we know how to access and kindle fire energy and direct it to manifest our goals.

We have seen that possible disfunctions in the way we manage our energy and power can be found in root and sacral chakra dysfunctions. Specifically in the solar plexus chakra we look at power in relation to our experience of external authorities. Parents and other family relations created the initial imprints in our sense of sovereignty, influencing our self-esteem, sense of autonomy and vision. Later on, we would add the indoctrination of the school system, peer groups, work settings, religious institutions and more. By clearing all those layers of rigid roles, beliefs and identities and by letting go of emotions such as shame, guilt and blame, we can access again our power and our authentic source of authority: the Soul.

Once power is liberated by letting go of the many layers of conditioning in our mind, we can then truly connect to our Soul purpose, and engage in a process of self-knowledge. The exploration of Soul archetypes, as symbolic qualities of the human psyche, can help us in our quest to reveal our uniqueness and to inspire the active intelligence of Manipura for self-expression.


All meditations are designed so that you can re-use them many times, depending on the area of interest now, i.e relationships, creative projects, wealth, intimacy and emotional wellbeing.

Solar Fire Meditation

In this meditation you are going to connect with Solar Fire light, to energize any creation you want to manifest. As the sun is a star so is your Soul. Like the sunlight creates life, so you can radiate your light into the world. By merging with your Soul Fire and focusing its power in your solar plexus centre, you will be able to beam vitality, passion and dynamism to any chosen aspect of your life.

Self Empowerment Meditation

In this meditation you will look at people and situations in your personal life, influencing your personal power, your self-esteem and your sense of identity. You will examine those relationships with authority figures and those roles you play in the family and the social environment, that are out of harmony with the true expression of your Soul. You will transform negative thoughts, feelings and ties, in the way for you to stand strong in your power, and at all times centred in your Soul presence.

Soul Archetypes Meditation

In this meditation you will journey to connect to your core archetypal essence according to the Rays of light system. The rays of light are vibrational currents of light, holding different divine qualities of Source energy, and we are going to explore here the three basic rays: the ray of Will and Power, the ray of Love and Wisdom, and the ray of Active Intelligence. Then you will connect to a more specific archetype needed at this time in your Soul journey, to heal and empower an area of your life where you want expansion and growth.

Tools and practices

Become aware of your energy levels.

What gives you energy? Which food, which physical activity, which types of relaxing activities.

Are you balancing rest and activity? And how are your energy levels during the day? Are you in prevalent excess or deficient mode, hyperactive or depressed?

Vigorous exercise can energize you and it may help with the inertia of a depressive state; it also strengthens your determination and focus. On the other hand, intense physical activity can also help with discharging excess energy. Instead, if you are caught up in a stressful rhythm, practices like yoga, tai chi and more can help you slow down. Meditation will also shift your mode from anxiety to inner peace.

For a healthy Manipura all exercises that strengthen your core are important, like Pilates or Kapalbathi pranayama, the breath of fire.

And stay in the sun light! Absorb solar energy whenever you can!

Work with Anger

The shadow aspect in Manipura is Anger, in a spectrum that goes from repressing it, to letting it out uncontrolled. Some people cover anger with other feelings, they cry instead of being upset, others project it outward aggressively. Anger is an emotion that gives us precious information, if we cast the light of inquiry onto it. At times anger is a way of saying NO, we want to set boundaries on what is not in harmony with us. At other times it may reflect frustration for unmet needs in relationships or in creative projects. It is important to be honest with oneself, and understand if anger triggered in the moment is connected to past wounding. The key is to allow the anger, whilst using discernment to understand the motifs behind it. When we heal our past wounding, we learn to act and not react.

Inner Critic awareness

Confidence, trust in oneself and self-esteem are all aspects of a healthy Manipura, and they are undermined by self-criticism. The belief that we need to improve ourselves with external content, with possessions or other achievements, and that somehow we are never enough, is reflected in a mind constantly engaged in self-criticism. Underneath these negative mind narratives there is a suffering self, succumbing to self-blame and self-attack.

The inner critic can’t be argued with. Fighting this voice or denying it, only gives energy to it. It affirms the existence of a separate self, identified with thoughts and memories, disconnected from the quiet voice of our true Self.

In the meditation below the aim is to allow the voice of the Inner critic in the foreground and take the back seat of the silent observer. In the silence of a mind empty of thoughts and feelings, it is easier to listen to our inner guidance.

Silent meditation

This meditation can be done at any time during the day. Time it to 7- 12 min. You can sit or lay down but make sure you are not disturbed.

Start by focusing on your breath. Slow, deep breathing. Only focus on inhaling and exhaling. Observe your breath coming in and out of your nostrils or rising and lowering in your chest or abdomen. Allow your Inner critic to speak freely. Only listen, do not do anything. Just observe all thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body. Just be aware. Resist nothing. Do not hold onto anything. Thoughts come, let them go. Feelings or sensation are present, observe how they move and change in the body. Allow your body to move if needed, to contract, to jerk, to yawn. Always come back to your breath. Your breath is the anchor you come back to when the mind holds on to any thought or feeling. There is nothing to do, only breath and awareness. In fact, there is no goal to be achieved in this meditation. Only awareness. Notice how you feel after the meditation.

Notice your projections

When we judge and blame others we are caught in projections. In reclaiming shamanism there is a say “One finger pointed outwards equals two fingers pointed inward”. What we judge in others we judge in ourselves. We maybe criticizing qualities in others that we disown in ourselves, such as fierce determination or vulnerable sensitivity. We may be blaming others for not fulfilling our expectations. In both cases we lose power, allowing other people to control us. Do not stop criticizing or blaming others, simply notice when you are doing it. Follow with honest enquiry and reclaim your power back.

Be your own authority

Shamans say that ultimately, we need to throw all the teachers in the fire and only follow our experience and inner guidance.

Notice the people in your life to whom you give your power away. The image makers or influencers can be family members, educators, intimate relationships, peer groups, work colleagues, social and political groups, spiritual mentors and more.

Notice the trade-off. What do you exchange personal power for? You may please for love, you may overachieve to feel worthy. In all situations you are compromising your true Identity and Self expression.

In the Self Empowerment Meditation, you can find a guided process to release energetic entanglements with external authorities.

Work with archetypes

There are many ways to explore the unique design of your Soul. This research is important to know your Self and embody your Soul essence. In the study of Astrology, Tarots, Mythology, Shamanism, in the Rays of Light system, or in other modern maps such as the Human Design system, we can find out the archetypes we feel the most affinity with. In the audio-recording Soul Archetypes Meditation I suggest a way of researching the core archetypes playing in your Soul’s essence and journey.

Find below a simple meditation to retrieve your Power Animal, used in shamanism to connect you to the instinctual power you may need to embody at this time in your life.

Embody a Power animal

Sit in meditation and imagine to be in a place in nature. Move in the landscape to track for an animal representing the earthy power you need to connect to right now. You may meet more than one animal, ask your Higher Self to show you which one is of the highest vibration. Meet the animal and observe its energy and behaviour. Imagine merging with its energy, becoming one with it, embodying it. You may want to ask your power animal for healing or for guidance. In your ordinary life connect to your power animal’s sense of perception and instinct. Embody its power when you walk, when you look and listen, when you sense your way in the environment and with people.


A practical way of working with your Soul purpose is through the exercise of branding your persona. The goal is to map your values, talents and skills in order to understand what makes you unique and what is your authentic purpose.

1. Make a list of your values

What are your most important values? Consider them across all areas of life.

List them in order of priority.

2. Make a list of your talents

Which were your natural talents as a child?

What do you love doing the most? What makes you feel fulfilled?

3. Make a list of your strenghts

Look at situations when you felt in your power.

Look at challenges you had to face and how you overcame them.

4. Make a list of your skills

What are you good at? What is easy for you?

What did you learn through experience that is unique?

5. Your ultimate goal

What is your big game, your ultimate goal?

Brainstorm and write down all your goals.

List your goals in order of priority and on a timeline.

Be a parent to your Inner child

Which parent do you want to be to your inner child, in order to promote self-esteem, personal power and self-expression?

Here are a few suggestions:

· Hold an attitude of unconditional positive regard

· Be patient and forgiving

· Control temper tantrums in a loving way

· Choose supportive non-judgmental relationships

· Chose safe and stimulating environments

Awareness in Action

Take actions

There is a positive circuit of: action-result-increased self-esteem. Actions, even the smallest, help us out of our comfort zone and enhance our sense of personal power. All results are important. Negative outcomes bring about learning. Children fail all the time until they succeed.

Feel your actions

“We are not the Doers of our actions” says Mooji. There is a force animating our bodies, minds and also actions. Rather than planning your actions attune to what is moving you from the inside, as an instinct and a knowing. Move like a jaguar, who stays still and observes its prey until he is moved into fast and quick action.

Positive affirmations

The Universe supports me, my Soul guides me, I have the power to fulfil my purpose, I have the power to uphold my values and integrity, I am talented and gifted, I value myself, I am confident and strong, I hold my presence, I set clear boundaries, I can protect myself, I am my own authority, I find all knowledge from within, I have the courage of my opinions, I think I can, I have the ability to respond to any challenge, I am successful in my own way, I learn from my mistakes, I am independent and self-reliant, I create clear agreements and alliances, I am disciplined and focussed, I have the power to change, I let go of what doesn’t serve my authentic Self expression.



Name/meaning: Manipura, lustrous gem or city of jewels

Element: Fire

Position in the body: solar plexus area above the navel

Energy Body: Active Lower Mental body

Ego identity


Veda: Shiva Rudra, the roaring one and the destroyer

Mythology: The Sun Gods and Goddesses; Bridget-Vesta, guardian Goddesses of the sacred flame

Inka shamanism: Hummingbird, the hero’s journey

Shamanism: Spirit of fire, Basic Self, Warrior Self

Developmental model: Child, 2-4 years old

Core emotions, beliefs, issues

Issues: self-individuation, authenticity, Soul purpose, higher will, power, vitality, determination, focus, discipline, dynamism, clear decisions, strong boundaries, self-esteem, autonomy, self-reliance, Ego strength

Core negative emotions: separation, no direction, shame, powerlessness, fear, depression, anger, arrogance, stubbornness, narcissism, anxiety

Core positive emotions: Soul connection, purposeful, personal power, authoritative, response-ability, self-love, self-esteem, passion, courage

Excessive: energy uncontrolled, fight response, inflated Ego, impulsive action, impatience, hyperactive, dominant, controlling, heavy handed leadership, autocratic decision making, ruthlessness, selfishness, righteousness, doing vs being

Deficient: energy depleted, flight-freeze response, deflated Ego, passive in leadership, scattered, unfocussed, poor discipline and will, inability to take action, abdicating responsibility, self-deprecating, worthlessness, looking outside for approval, being vs doing

Other information

3rd dimensional colour: yellow

5th dimensional colour: gold

Relationship with other chakras: Throat for self-expression, Third Eye for focus and clarity, Crown for Higher Mental body and Soul connection

Body correlation: digestive system and specifically disorders of liver, pancreas, stomach, gall bladder, diabetes, metabolism, hyper or hypo glycaemia, ATP mitochondrial disease

Picture 1. Balancing Power and Soul Purpose

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