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Radiant Heart Meditation

Audio-recording of Unit 8 - The Heart Chakra - Master Your Energy E-course

In this meditation you will intend to open your heart chakra to its next level of radiance. You will clear any resistance or suffering blocking the way, by running the ascending vortex of the Earth current. You will then anchor your Soul’s energy in your Heart Jewel, allowing the descending vortex of the Spirit current. When the two currents merge in the heart, you will experience your Soul centre as a Well of self-generating Love, and feel the dynamic Cocoon of energy radiating all around in the universal field..

Meditation Script

Connect to your Heart

Relax and connect to your breath.

Follow the breath in the body,

in the full length of inhalation and exhalation.

Put your attention in your belly and anchor there.

Feel yourself grounded and strong.

From the anchor in your belly breathe up the energy from the earth.

Breathe up the energy in your belly, solar plexus and heart,

gently, very gently allow your heart to open, heart opening like a flower.

Set the intention of opening your heart to its next level of radiance

Notice any emotion, resistance or other energy in the way for you to open your Heart.

Allow any physical sensations, emotions or thoughts when you state this intention.

Stay in the moment, observe any reaction or resistance.

What is stopping your heart from opening?

Maybe it is a recurring pattern of feeling and thinking,

which causes you suffering, or contraction and tension.

We are dealing with the energy of the heart,

there maybe lack of self-love,

or rejection and heartbreak,

there may be grief and loss.

Observe any sensations, feeling, thoughts arising.

There maybe a memory from the past,

run the memory and observe your behaviour and other people’s behaviour.

Notice how you are reacting, what happens to your feelings, to your thoughts and to your energy.

You are tracking the core feeling, the core thought,

the core pattern of suffering which blocks the opening and expansion of the heart.

Intend healing and allow the upward current to clear and cleanse any energy of tension or suffering.

Breathe the energy up, feel it spiralling upwards, rotating around the axis of your spine, like a vortex

Feel the vortex rising up to your heart and opening it,

and allow any release of blocks or tensions upwards,

Release the energy like a fountain out of your crown.

Energy rising and opening your like a flower.

Return to the anchor in the belly to stay strong and steady.

Then relax and release of energy upwards, out of your heart and crown.

Imagine receiving your Soul’s energy in the heart and allow the Spirit current to descend in your crown and body.

Allow the downward current of energy to downpour into your body

Imagine opening your arms and receiving the energy streaming down

Receive the energy of love and peace of your Soul in your heart and in your whole body

Feel the energy of your Soul anchoring in your heart

Feel your radiant Soul Heart.

Feel the vortex of energy descending into your body

Energy spiralling down, rotating down in a vortex

Allow any resistance to melt and any residual tension to be released in the earth

Ground the energy of your Soul in the whole of your Being

Feel your anchor in the heart centre

Breathe in and out your heart centre.

Feel the energy of your Soul anchoring in your heart

Feel your radiant Soul Heart.

The Earth ascending current is meeting there with the descending Spirit current.

The two energies merge and rotate together,

forming a vortex of energy in the heart.

Breathe and stay with your experience,

notice how the energies merge and move together.

The energies move and rotate, igniting the radiance of the heart.

Feel the heart generating radiant, warm, loving energy.

Feel the heart as a self-generating well of light.

We are now going to feel your heart energy expanding in the field

Stay centred in your heart, a well pouring out love energy.

Feel your radiant Soul Heart

Breathe in and out from your heart and

focus on a central point of light.

Breathe in and out from a point of light at the centre of your heart.

Remain also aware of the central channel of energy along your spine,

feel the energy rising upwards and downwards.

Breathe the energy up and down your spine.

The heart generates a cocoon of energy spreading outwards in the field

Feel the energy moving upwards in the spine, through the heart, and moving downwards to the sides.

The upward current moves like a fountain,

upwards and downwards to the sides.

Then feel the energy descending into the spine, through the heart and moving upwards again to the sides

The downward current moving down and then up again to the sides

Downwards and upwards to the sides

Now just breathe and observe the cocoon,

feel the circulation of the energy in the cocoon.

Breathe up and down your spine and just observe the cocoon forming,

feel the rotation of the cocoon around the central channel of energy.

Energy moving through the heart and expanding outwards,

In all four directions, to the sides, in the back and front of your body.

Remember also the point of light at the centre of your heart.

You are both centred and expanded.

You are both aware of your centre and of the cocoon.

Your heart is generating the cocoon.

Your heart is at the centre generating this dynamism in the field around.

Feel the point of light in your heart and the expanded radiance.

Allow the heart to heal your body, emotions and mind.

You are centred in the heart and radiating energy.

The energy is intelligent and healing your body.

Put a hand on your heart and feel the energy spreading to your body.

Maybe entraining the energy in your belly

or the energy of other parts of your body.

The heart is maybe healing difficult emotions,

feel its warm quality of immense Love healing you.

Maybe the heart is giving you a message,

transmitting words of wisdom.

Now focus on the expansiveness of the heart,

Breath in and out and feel the spaciousness all round you,

the brilliant light radiating outwards.

Sense how vast your field of perception is,

immensely expanded in the field of Love.

Sense the vastness of your Being.

Sense the Oneness of the field of Love.

Sense how you and your body are One,

and merged with the immense field of Oneness and Love.




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