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Blue Shiva Energy Healing

Energy Healing is an effective way for us to be in charge of our physical, emotional and mental well-being, so that we can express ourselves authentically and creatively. With energy healing we learn to liberate and harness our vital force, breaking free from all limiting conditioning, whether these are external, or self-created.

The Blue Shiva symbolises embodied Divinity. Shi-va means literally No-thing, the vast emptiness out of which all life is born. All creation is light energy at different levels of density. Blue is the colour of the etheric body, the energy template of the body. Enlightened sages who chose to manifest in the world had blue auras, as they mastered their energy body. We are light; our body is a blueprint of divinity.

What is Blue Shiva Energy Healing

Since I was a child I had a pain in my chest, like a void, gripping me with anxiety and deep sadness. All my life has been a journey longing to overcome a feeling of being separate, abandoned and unloved in the vastness of the cosmos. I wanted to escape a grey, material world with no meaning and at times went through true agony, the classic Dark Night Of The Soul.

As a spiritual seeker I explored many approaches to cultivating self-awareness from different traditions, moving from one to another in search for more. More joy, more perception, more vitality, more power, more clarity, more peace for my soul. 

Have I healed myself in the process? 

Have I overcome the pain of separation? 

Have I experienced self-realisation or enlightenment? 

Who am I to offer healing and solutions? 

My intention is to share with you my unfaltering, constant focus on Self-Realisation, of coming to know my own Divinity, and experiencing the Oneness in all of life.

The truth is that each one of us needs to find that space inside, where we feel our own eternal core of light; the ‘’I am” state, where there is no suffering, no separation, only love and expansion.

For me this has been a process, a continuous removing of blocks and conditionings in the way of being my True Self. Learning to master my body, my emotions and my mind has brought me expansion and growth and, most of all, love for life.

Like the Blue Yogi, we are embodied creatures who want to engage efficiently in the world. We are co-creators, for the expression of joy, wonder, love, colour, music, dance, and in harmony with others, nature and the environment.

Oneness with life is an experience beyond the mind: there is no teaching or belief system involved, only tools and techniques for your direct participation. 

What I mean by Oneness, Self-Realization or Enlightenment is knowing how to enter higher states of vibration, such as joy, creativity, love, pleasure, abundance as opposed to lower states of vibration such as fear, anxiety, depression, powerlessness, anger.


You are the Love and Joy beneath the pain.

Instead of fighting the darkness you bring in Light.

Eckart Tolle

I am the Light of the world


As a society, historically, we have never seen such a level of material wealth, cultural information and technology. 

But are we happy?


Do we live in harmony with nature and with one another? 

Are we manifesting our purpose, as the expression of our unique worth and talent?

My son Ian was only thirteen when I was trying to discuss his plans about career and study. As a wise being he was politely avoiding saying too much until suddenly, exasperated, I asked him “Everybody needs to find their purpose in life, what is yours?” He paused, looked at me… and said, “Joy?” 

Can it be so simple? That life simply feels good and flows easily and joyfully? That we connect lovingly with the world around us, that we express instinctively our unique creativity, ultimately to be proudly of service to the world?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
Leonardo da Vinci

With energy healing the intention is to remove all obstacles, emotional blocks, to allow us to access our innate intelligence, which belongs to our whole body not just to the mind. 

How do bees know how to build a hive? 

How do birds know their migratory paths? 

How does a child learn a language before the logical brain has developed? 

What makes our heart beat? 

We are hard-wired with an innate inner-wisdom that moves us, we have the ability to create new software with our thinking, emotions and actions. If the old programming derived from family, society and our past experience is limiting us, we can change it! 

I remember the simple mantra my friend used to teach her toddler child: I think, I can!

What I want to share with you is a space for exploration and expansion, with an approach that is practical and supportive; we are together in this challenging and wonderful adventure of being human.

Enlightenment is an inner journey: Spirit has spoken to me through countless people and forms. It now wants to reach you through this website. Spirit is breathing me, breathing you and connecting us, ecstatic, eternal and omnipresent.


The true meaning of ascension is descension. It means we anchor our mighty I am Presence in our body on Earth

David Joshua Stone



With Light,



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