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Self Empowerment Meditation

Audio-recording of Unit 7 - The Solar Plexus Chakra - Master Your Energy E-course

In this meditation you will look at people and situations in your personal life, influencing your personal power, your self-esteem and your sense of identity. You will examine those relationships with authority figures and those roles you play in the family and the social environment, that are out of harmony with the true expression of your Soul. You will transform negative thoughts, feelings and ties, in the way for you to stand strong in your power, and at all times centred in your Soul presence.

Meditation Script

I invite you to think about authority figures in your life. Authority figures are people or mentors who may influence your sense of personal power and identity. I also invite you to think in terms of the roles you play, either in your family, in your peer group, at school, at work or in other social environments. The authority figures and roles we want to look at are somehow negative. They undermine your self-esteem, your strength and sense of autonomy, or they have conditioned you to be someone other than your true Self.

Time line

Think about a time when you were with an important authority figure or you were playing a role, and there is tension, reactivity, or suffering. The role or authority figure drain your energy, you may feel entangled or tied but scared to lose an important relationship or identity.

How old are you? Who is with you? It can be mother, father, teacher, work colleague or else.

Just observe this relationship and the role you play, gather as much information as possible. You are only observing.


Look at behavior. How are the people behaving with you and how are you behaving with them. Notice how people act and react. Notice your own reactions. Identify one or two core dominant behaviors. Make simple observations, matter of fact, to the point.

Feelings. Notice how are you feeling. How do you feel when they behave like this with you? How do you feel when you are in this role. Identify one or two core dominant feelings.

Take a moment to pause, to rest and detach yourself from the feeling. Remember you are observing. You are holding yourself in a larger space of awareness. Name the feeling clearly but be detached.

Thoughts. Observe which thoughts are connected to the one or two core feelings you identified. Thoughts about your personal power, your self-reliance, your self-worth, your sense of identity. Maybe you made specific decisions about life and people, because you were hurt, neglected, entangled or else. Maybe there was a pay-off for you to stay in the situation. Forgive yourself, this was the best you could do at the time.

Take a moment to pause, to rest and let any realization sink. Which belief, thought, decisions?

Ask for help. Connect to your Higher Self, the sage in you, the one holding a higher perspective and loving you unconditionally. Connect energetically, feel the presence of your Higher Self, emanating love and wisdom. Your Higher Self is going to show you a way to empower yourself. You are opening to a new level of Self-empowerment.

Maybe you need to embody a quality, like courage or joy, a new attitude; maybe there is a new way of behaving, of acting; or maybe you need a new type of focus, a new dream. Whatever the suggestion from your Higher Self, make it an experience, embody the quality, the attitude, visualize yourself in the new behaviour, feel yourself in the new dream.

Allow the help to come through an image, a symbol, a new movie in the chosen situation, or you may connect to a light-being, a deity, an angel, a power animal or a nature spirit, all representing the new quality, behaviour or dream you want to invite in your life for self-empowerment.

Notice what new thoughts and decisions arise in you. Make new affirmations, new choices. Maybe you need to put new boundaries. Maybe you need to speak your truth, say your No. Notice how you feel when you do so. Open to how it feels like to stand in your Power.

Listen to your body and release

We are now letting go of any energy in the way to embody this new state of empowerment. Feel you are entering a healing space with your Higher Self. Feel what is happening energetically in your body. Where do you feel the tension in the body? Feel if there is any energy invasion or entanglement. Maybe there are ties and chords, attachments. Maybe you built an armor in your body. Maybe you are becoming aware of a contract.

Allow the transforming light of your Soul fire

Allow the light of your Higher Self to stream down into your body from your crown. Imagine Soul fire as a violet light, descending and clearing any negative feelings, ties, attachments in your body. The fire is only burning which you are not, your hurt or anger, any attachment, contract or limiting identity. See the transformation happening in your body. You may also imagine a real fire in front of you, where you are realising any negative energy pattern. Burn or throw everything in the fire.

If there is a person involved see yourself standing in your own sacred space and the person going to the light with their Higher Self, who will take care of them. Know that you are not separating, you are both standing in the sacred space of your Soul.

Create protection

Feel yourself standing strong in your power, grounded and connected to your Higher Self. Fill your space with the light of your Soul and centre in the heart. Seal and protect you aura. Especially protect your heart with any shield of your liking. Your are protecting your divine flame. Affirm your sovereignty, your new choices, stand strong in the power and truth of your Soul.




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