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Solar Fire Meditation

Audio-recording of Unit 7 - The Solar Plexus Chakra - Master Your Energy E-course

In this meditation you are going to connect with Solar Fire light, to energize any creation you want to manifest. As the sun is a star so is your Soul. Like the sunlight creates life, so you can radiate your light into the world. By merging with your Soul Fire and focusing its power in your solar plexus centre, you will be able to beam vitality, passion and dynamism to any chosen aspect of your life.

Meditation Script

Find a place in nature that you like

Connect to the landscape with all your senses, breathe in and open.

Breathe out and empty yourself of all thoughts and feelings

Slow down your breath and relax

Absorb the energy of the landscape all around you

Discharge any tension into the earth


Breathe in fiery energy from the earth core.

Now feel you root and connect to the core of the earth

Breathe in the fiery energy of the core up into your body

Feel the warm energy rising up your root and into your body

Breathe and draw the energy up

Breath and open the first chakra

When you breathe in squeeze slightly the muscle of your pelvic floor

Breathe out, relax the muscle and draw the energy up into your belly

Breathe in and squeeze the muscle of the pelvic floor

Breathe out and fill your belly with earth fire up to your solar plexus

Breathe in and squeeze, breathe out and fill your belly up to the solar plexus

Keep stocking earth fire energy in your belly.


Now allow the fire energy to rise and open up all your upper body

Breathe the energy up and open up like a flower

Open your upper body like a tree stretching up its branches into the sun light

Feel the rising fiery energy cleanse, clear and enliven your whole upper body

Feel the fiery energy rising up your upper body and crown.


Now connect with Sun energy

Receive Sun energy in the whole of your being

Breathe it in, absorb it in every cell of your being

Bathe in sun warmth, feel the sun on your skin

Let it fill your body, warm you up and enliven you

Breathe in the sun’s radiance and life-force energy

Breathe it in your forehead, receive and open

Breathe it in your heart deeply, notice how it feels like

Breathe it in your belly, fire in the belly

Feel the purifying quality of solar fire

Drying up emotions and cleansing your energy

Dissolving any tension in the body

The sun is lighting up your whole being.


And you are like a Sun.

The Sun is a star and so is your Soul

You are a shining being of light.


Now reach up to your Soul Star high above

Imagine rising up a chord of light and reaching your Soul Star

Breathe the light of its core down into your body

Receive the soul fire into your body, into your heart, into your belly, into your legs.

Feel this different quality of fire. The frequency is lighter, the color maybe white or violet.

Breathe and fill your body with the vibrancy of your Star Light

Your Soul fire is filling your whole body

Grounding down and into the Earth

From the Earth keep breathing up energy, Earth core fire.

Earth fire and Soul fire are interweaving along your body

Breathe in and up earth fire

Breathe out and down Soul fire


You now want now to focus your energy

You want to focus the energy in the solar plexus

Feel a ball of fire forming in your solar plexus

You are focusing the earth fire and the soul fire in a ball of energy at your Solar plexus

The energy is being gathered from the whole of your being into a focus there

From the solar plexus the light is radiating out into the field around.

Your whole being is now radiating energy from this centre

Your solar plexus is the centre of your Soul star.

And you can direct your energy out as focused light from the Solar Plexus


To enhance your centre of power, feel your grounding in the lower chakras

Breathe in and when you breathe out and pull your belly button

Breathe out and pull your belly in

Feel your centre of power in the whole of your belly

Imagine a lock behind the belly button

Pull your diaphragm/solar plexus in.

Pull your belly button in

Squeeze the muscle at perineum

And feel the energy of the lower chakra locked as one in the belly.

Pull your belly button in, your diaphragm in and squeeze your perineum

Experience standing strong in this lock of power in the belly

Your solar plexus radiant as a sun.


You are strong, anchored and rooted in your belly.

Your upper body is relaxed and you receive the energy of your Soul

Your solar plexus is shining a bright light, like a sun.


Ask your Higher Self where you need to direct your focus and power.

You are a channel of energy, you can focus your power, you can direct your will and actions, to create and manifest.

Like the sunlight creates life, so you are beaming your light into the world.

Choose an area, a project or relationship.

Transmit your light into the chosen aspect of your life.

Beam vitality, passion, growth, dynamism

Feel the passion and the excitement

Feel your whole being beaming your focused power

See things coming to life and manifesting

Whatever you put attention to is energized

Send your passion towards your goals

Energize your focus and actions, see the movie of your life unfolding.

Walk in your life confidently manifesting your creations.


Let the fire in you burn anything in the way of your vision.

Feel the fire running through your being and dissolving any fear and doubts

Maybe you need to let go of ties and attachment.

Burn any self-imposed limitations, self-blame, or other toxic energy

Feel the fire burning and transforming any obstacles

Feel the fire of your passion being cleansed and renewed into purity.


Think also of boundaries.

You are standing in your own power.

Your Light is setting an energetic boundary around you

This is your protected space where you channel your Soul

A space where you know who you are, you state your will and act accordingly.

Set clear boundaries, make clear decisions,

Let go of what doesn’t serve you

Stand strong in your personal space, rooted and open to you Soul guidance.


Now slow down and rest

Breathe and connect to your heart. Centre yourself there. Slow down and rest. Let go and only focus on your breath. You are in a calm and peaceful space.  Very gently come back to your body. Only when you feel ready open your eyes and be fully back in your ordinary reality.




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