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Dream your Vision Meditation

Audio-recording of Unit 8 - The Heart Chakra - Master Your Energy E-course

In this meditation you are going to feel the Soul essence in your heart, and from this state of presence you will recognize the original purpose you have come to fulfil in your life. You will let go of any resistance, pattern or identity that are holding you back from the past, and dream the future vision of yourself and your world into being.

Meditation Script

In this meditation we set the intention to centre in the heart and connect to our Soul essence and from there to dream the vision of our world into being.

It is a meditation about heart purpose and vision.

Stillness and Intention

Purpose and dreaming arise in the stillness of your Presence

Start with centering yourself

Breathing slowly and consciously

Anchor the breath in the body, in a place that feels steady and calm

State your intention: Knowing the purpose of you heart, dreaming your vision

We are going to explore the future and your heart’s desires

Stay in awareness of what is, in the present moment

Allow all sensations, feelings, thoughts, images

Let go of the past

Ask yourself what do you need to let go of right now

Which patterns or emotions or identities

Do you need to let go of, to open your heart and dream your vision

What is the resistance that ties you to the past,

blocking the free exploration of the future and new choices

Observe the pattern, narrative or emotional state you are ready to let go, in this moment.

See it clearly, accept it and allow any emotion to arise

Be compassionate with yourself, understand the lesson

Allow forgiveness, of yourself and everybody involved

I forgive my-self totally, as I did the best I could

Forgiveness is a reset, a zero point start on a new journey

Breathe and let go energetically

There maybe entanglements, chords, or maybe tensions and emotions in the body

The more you let go, the easier you can breathe and the lighter you feel in your heart

You are changing direction now, choosing a new trajectory, a new destiny, a new you

Breathe in and out of the heart, centre there in Presence

Centre in the heart of the Self, your magnetic radiant heart, that beats in harmony with all life

Connect to your Core Essence

The heart is a portal to your Soul and your true essence

Breathe and open your wings, expand and imagine rising high up in a landscape of light

Walking in this landscape you are meeting your Soul, your Higher Self

You may see your Soul as a being of Light or you may feel her presence

Merge with your Soul, breathe at one, feel your heart beating as one.

Ask your Soul to show you the core essence of your being

What have you come to manifest in your life,

from the beginning of your Soul journey on earth

Before you were born, since you were a child

Allow your essential core vibration to emerge, to shine

What is your power, what is your Light, what have you come to shine?

I am Love or Art or Courage or Freedom, which unique quality of Being of light are you?

Maybe you are rejoining with this part of you, with this quality or Self

Merge and embody this essence of yours

Reunite maybe with a lost Soul part

You are becoming so radiant and expanded

You are embodying your own presence of Light

You are allowing your Light to fill all of your body

Dream your vision

From this space you can ask for anything

You can ask for joy, freedom, abundance, creativity, enlightenment

What is your heart desiring, feel its stirrings

On which path is your heart driving you towards

Feel your deepest longing and aspirations

Ask yourself what do you want to experience, explore, learn

See how you want to serve life, for the greatest good

Visualize the highest service you can offer following your heart

Make a commitment to be true to your new destiny

Step by step in your daily life, one small act after the other

See yourself walking on your new path

Visualize yourself walking on earth, in your new life now

Feel your unique presence in every relationship, in every project, in every space

See and feel yourself transmitting your unique vibration

Shine your light onto everything around you and in every single action

Feel your grounding and anchoring to the earth

Feel your connection to your Soul

Breathe in and out from the heart

Know your Presence of Love on Earth

Bless everyone and everything in your life

From the centre of you heart you are a light shining on all life.




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