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Soul Archetypes Meditation

Audio-recording of Unit 7 - The Solar Plexus Chakra - Master Your Energy E-course.

In this meditation you will journey to connect to your core archetypal essence according to the Rays of light system. The rays of light are vibrational current of light, holding different divine qualities of Source energy, and we are going to explore the ray of Will and Power, the Ray of Love and Wisdom and the Ray of Active Intelligence. Then you will connect to a more specific archetype, needed at this time in your Soul journey, in order to heal and empower an area of your life where you want expansion and growth.

Meditation Script

Although our Real Self has no fixed identity and it is infinite, fluid and whole, we experience different qualities of divine Source energy at any time on our Soul journey.

In this meditation the intention is to understand and reclaim the archetypal essence of your Soul, as a core vibration at this moment in time. We are going to do this by connecting to the three Rays of light, the cosmic currents of energy upon which humanity is attuned. The rays of: Will and Power, Love and Wisdom and of Active Intelligence.

Journey to the upperworld.

From a garden or place in nature, enter a gate, pass a threshold. In the new landscape there is a multicolored staircase. Climb it and at the end meet your Higher Self who will guide you to a sacred space. Sit there and connect to your Higher Self. Feel the energetic connection and the unconditional love. Merge with the energy of your Higher Self. Allow any release of negative energies, feelings, thoughts or tensions in the body. Empty yourself and centre in the current of light streaming down from your Higher Self.

Know and connect with your Ray archetype

From the centre of your sacred space see three paths in front of you.

On the right there is the path of Will and Power. This is the path of the Warrior, Leader and Innovator. The main qualities are courage, will, determination, strength. Step into the energy and embody it. The ray is held by a Master. Connect to the master to embody the vitality, energy and passion of this frequency. The one-pointed focus of the warrior, leader and innovator, pursuing steadfastly his vision. Then come back to the centre of your sacred space thanking the Master.

In the centre there is the path of Love and Wisdom. This is the path of the Lover and Sage, who connects to the world with an open heart, who is deeply compassionate and whose nature is peaceful and calm. The ray is held by a Master. Connect to the master to embody unconditional love for yourself, deep wisdom and serenity. Feel the sense of love you have for all creation and embody the peaceful presence of your wise Self. Then come back to the centre of your sacred space thanking the Master.

On the left there is the path of Active Intelligence. This is the path of the Magician, applying her active intelligence, tools and skills for manifestation. The artist-storyteller-artisan, the scientist-professional-healer, the entrepreneur, the active worker in the community. The ray is held by a Master. Connect to the master to embody and cultivate a mind oriented towards intellectual and practical creativity, a mind in action. Then come back to the centre of your sacred space thanking the Master.

Which path do you identify most, knowing that you understand all of them but sensing you belong to one core frequency? Embody this frequency and connect to its Master again. Open, feel, merge, allow yourself to connect deeply. See if any healing is needed to fully embrace your Soul core archetype. Maybe you need to release feelings or liberate any blocked energy in your body. Feel any resistance and breathe, open, release.

Connect to Power Archetype you need in a relevant area of your life.

The Master is now inviting you to choose an area of your life, where you need empowerment. Which project or relationship or aspect do you want to focus on? Ask which specific quality of Power you need to embrace for support in this aspect of your life.

The master is opening a screen in front of you and you are entering a scene, helping you to understand the quality of power you need. Enter the screen and the landscape. Meet a being of light representing the power you need. The being can be a deity, a god/goddess, an angel, a master, nature spirit or a power animal.

Embody this new archetype. Observe the way spirit is coming to you, in which form. Merge with the energy of this being to feel and know the qualities they hold. Listen to what they say, or maybe they are showing you a behavior. Feel and perceive the world through their being. Receive the information and most of all the transmission of energy, the new quality of power needed at this moment.

Let go of any resistance, release any tension or difficult emotion that may arise. Connect to your body, release. Accept unconditionally the situation how it is right now. Feel what is present in terms of hurt, anger, frustration or other negative thoughts and feelings. State you want to change it. Feel the release, empty and let go.

Now make this archetypal energy yours, wear this new identity in your life, see the new movie of your life unfolding when you embody this archetype in your unique way. How you relate with people, in which environment you are, what happens when you focus your attention on activities whilst embodying the new power. Visualize owning this way of being in your life, How does it feel like to be in this energy, to embrace this new level of expansion in terms of power?

Before coming back, connect once more your Original Soul Archetype and the feeling of its essence. Also remember the Power Archetype you need to embody right now and feel its essence.

Stand centred and strong in your sacred personal space. Feel the connection with your Higher Self.

Express your gratitude to the beings of light that have supported you and come back.

Walk back through the garden to the staircase. Descend the staircase and find the gate. Cross the gate and see it closing behind you. Come back to the place in nature where you started your journey and in the room. Know you are always one with your Higher Self. Breathe at one with your Soul. Seal you aura and stand strong and protected in your sacred space.




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