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Calm Grace

In this article you will learn a simple model and a meditation to access your core of calm grace.

A warm feeling of comfort in my heart, a nurturing stillness.

Calm grace.

The feeling of pure existence.

In every fiber of my being I feel safe and held, loved and protected.

The world around breathes in slow motion and I breathe slowly too.

Long slow alert breathing.

Blissful waves of relaxation ripple through my body, my mind still.

Kindness is flowing in and out of my heart.

My perception is expanded and I sense the living spirit in everything.

I am deeply loved, like the eternal child in the nurturing arms of the Mother.

I am pure Love.

I choose to be open and allow Calm Grace.

I am writing about stillness and presence as in this state our whole energy system is coherent and in harmony.

When we are in a state of relaxation our body creates a whole chemistry and neurology of blissfulness, that enables us to perform better at every level. We feel better, we have energy and enthusiasm, we think more clearly, we have hope and optimism.

The good news is that we can create and maintain a place of core stillness and ultimately strength within ourselves. We can work to reverse any state of stress into well-being, activating our natural ability to respond to life effortlessly in any moment.

So why don’t we feel relaxed in the first place? Why don’t we feel safe? Why are we in stress?

There are many factors at the root of stress, like belief systems with narratives of fear, control, and limitation, or emotional pain from traumatic experiences, or maybe we are facing challenges in relationships and life situations.

Stress may cause us to feel scattered, overwhelmed or disconnected. We may suffer from depression or anxiety. We may have physical responses such as tiredness, negative sleep patterns, pain or other diseases. When stressed we may put off our true Soul purpose and expression.

From experience I know that working with energy is simple and I would like to offer here a simple key of interpretation and a simple meditation to access our core of calm grace.

The key of interpretation refers to the model of the three selves, the Basic Self, the Conscious Self and the Higher Self, as energy forms in our psyche described by many traditions.

The Basic Self is our natural power, governing our body, emotions and actions, and residing in the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. This self is our magical child, effortlessly connected to the intelligence of life and able to manifest in the physical reality. It is also the wounded child, storing negative programs and emotions, which create resistance and block the flow of energy in our body.

The Conscious Self interprets and organises the world around us and holds the responsibility of making decisions and leading. It guides, protects and directs the Basic Self, as an adult would do with a child. The Conscious self uses language, imagination and thought as frequencies found in the throat, third eye and crown chakras.

The Higher Self represents our spiritual wisdom and informs all levels of our energy system. The Higher self holds the Conscious Self who holds the Basic Self, in a non- hierarchical order. The Higher Self in fact speaks directly to the Basic Self, naturally attuned to Spirit.

We are dealing here with the Basic self.

We want our Basic Self to feel calm and safe.

We want to attune to the silence of nature, our body relaxed and our emotions still.

When our Basic Self is calm we can connect to Spirit.

We want to abide in a place where we feel connected to Spirit, knowing we are loved, nurtured and supported.

Basic self meditation

Stop for a moment. Just breathe slowly.

Imagine waves of bliss running through you, like ocean waves washing through your body.

The truth is that you can be there in an instant.

Tune into your inner body. Tune into your emotions.

Allow everything, just notice any tension, any feeling.

Follow your breath, moving in and out.

Make space around the tension, pain, contraction, stressful emotion.

Be the space around the tension.

Allow long slow in breaths and out breaths.

Soften the tension, breathe into it and release it gently with your outbreath.

Release it out of your body, melt any resistance away, breathing through the tension.

Opening the tension with your inbreath, releasing the tension with your outbreath.

Allow any feeling, as you can only let go of your feelings only when you feel them.

Go deep like diving into the ocean, it may feel like dying, just keep going deeper.

Open all your feelings and surrender.

Breathe and go to the next level of feeling, enter the tension fully.

Do not judge yourself for your feelings, know that vulnerability is power.

Open and breathe through the tension.

Breathe everything out and surrender into emptiness, let go.

Make a clear decision to calm your Basic Self, your precious magical child self.

Choose words like I am calm, I am safe, I am loved, I trust, I am protected.

Breathe each word into every fibre of your being, write it into every cell of your body.

Slowly you are relaxing and coming into Presence.

Slowly you become aware of a greater Presence.

Feel the calm grace of your Higher Self pouring bliss and love into your being.

Open to receive deeply the energy of your Higher Self pouring down into your body.

Allow the receiving, allow yourself to be filled with the peaceful energy of your Soul.

You breathe as One with the ocean of life.

Breathe slowly and deeply.

Allow the breath to breathe you.

You are loved and safe.

You are Love and Grace.

In this meditation you have created a space of emptiness and felt the power of your breath and intention to clear negative emotional states. In the emptiness you have received the energy of your Higher Self pouring down into your body and filling you with peace. Remember you can do this everywhere and within the space of just a few minutes, as cultivating presence happens in the now.

If you want to be guided in the process listen to my free audio-recorded meditations, which follow the same principles and deepen the process.

For more information on the model of the Basic Self, Conscious Self and Higher Self browse my free e-course ‘Master your Energy’ Unit 4




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