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Attunement Meditation

Audio-recording of Unit 1 - The Basics of Energy - Master Your Energy E-course.

In this meditation you will work with breath and awareness on the energy body, to release any physical and emotional tension and for alignment of Body and Soul. You will create your own protected Sacred space where to access the stillness of your Being.


Be preferably sitting with the spine erect

Relax and focus on your breath. Take a few deep breaths. Deep long inbreaths and deep long outbreaths. Breathe in from your belly and on the outbreath relax deeply.

Bring the energy up and down the spine

With the inbreath the energy rises up the spine

With the outbreath the energy flows down the spine.

Breathing in – energy rising up to your crown

Breathing out – energy flowing down to the base of the spine

Breathe in and up your spine

Breathe out and down your spine

Anchor your energy into the earth core

On the next outbreath send your breath down your spine and into the earth

Imagine a root descending into the earth, deep down

Breathe in and on the outbreath send the energy down

through the root into the earth core.

Anchor yourself there.

Start breathing from there.

Run the Upward Current

Breathe in from the Earth core and draw the energy up

Breathe in from the core and on the outbreath send the energy up into your body

Breathe in and push the energy up your body and out of the crown like a fountain

Take a deep In breath and on the outbreath gently send the energy up your body and out of the crown.

Intend that the Upward current release any tension from the body.

Breathe the energy up and on the outbreath release any tension out of the crown.

Now rest and breathe normally

Put the attention on the inner body

Scan the whole of your body

Notice how you are feeling in the body

If there is any tension and where

Scan your body

Legs, belly, chest, neck and shoulders, head, jaws and eyes

Breathe in and on the outbreath release any tension out of the crown

Breath through the tension

Long deep inbreath and on the outbreath

breathe through the tension and release it

Breathe through the tension and feel it softening and opening,

Then breathe it out of the crown

Rest in the emptiness and

Notice if you have any feeling arising

Fear, grief, anger, fristration

Keep breathing and intend to release any emotion

Breathe in from the earth deep down

Breath out any feeling arising out of the crown

Notice if you have any thoughts, memories, images

Breathe them all out gently, just intending to release them through the breath.

You are Emptying, Emptying yourself

And you are opening like a flower

Whilst you breath in and up you notice you are opening

Breathe in and and open your upper body

Breathe in and on the outbreath open like a flower

Imagine stretching your arms upwards

Breathe in and open your upper body like a flower

Receive nourishment from the earth

Breathe in and receive the energy from the earth

Breathe in and receive the energy from nature all around

Breathe in the mountains and the rocks, the trees and the meadows, the sea, the lakes and the rivers.

Extend your attention upward to your Soul high above, in the Upper world

Breathe in and up and on the outbreath project a chord of light upwards

Breathe in and send a chord from the crown to your soul

Breathe deeply in on the outbreath sent your energy upwards to your Soul

Anchor yourself there, to your Soul star

Now call your Soul into your body

From your Soul star allow a stream of light to descend into your body.

Breathe in and on the outbreath send light from your Soul down into your body

Breathe in deeply from your Soul core

Breathe out and stream the energy down into your body

Into your head, chest, belly, legs.

Open, surrender, allow the receiving,

light flowing in every cell of your body, in every fiber of your Being

Down into your body, into your root, into the earth core

If there is any tension breathe it out into the earth

Feel any resistance or contraction being released into the earth

Breathe out any residual tension into the earth

Surrender any resistance or tension into the earth

Slowly relax again and rest

Now intend to run both currents together

Anchored below to the Earth Core and above to your Soul Star

Breathe in and up the energy from the Earth

Breathe out and down from your Soul

In and Up to your Soul

Out and down to the Earth core

Feel the flow of energy in the channel of light running through your body

Centre now into your heart

Feel a stillness arising from deep within and opening your heart

Breathe in and out from your heart, feel your centre

You are sitting of your Sacred space

You are centred in space within the 4 directions North, South, East and West

You are aligned above and below

Relax and breathe quietly in and out of your heart

Feel the stillness of this place

In your centre be aware of the infinite space all around.

You are in a bubble of light

Sealed and protected

In your sacred space you feel safe and peaceful

Centred in space and above and below

Your are surrounded by light and protected

In your sacred space You are at one with your Soul

You know what is true for you

You can transform any energy at will

Just breathe in the stillness

Stay in your scared space for as long as you need to.

When you come back you will do so very slow and gently, knowing you can always come back into your sacred space.

I bid you farewell for now

All blessings of Love


  • Breathe up and down the spine

  • Root down with the outbreath

  • Anchor to the core

  • Energy up with inbreath

  • Clear tension out of the crown

  • Empty yourself

  • Open like a flower

  • Breathe in and Fill with the energy of nature all around

  • Send a Chord up with outbreath

  • Anchor to your Soul core

  • Breathe in from your Soul core

  • Send the energy down on the out breath

  • Soul merging into your body

  • Residual tension in the earth

  • Open Sacred space

  • Breath in and up from Earth

  • Breath out and down from Soul

  • Feel the Channel of energy

  • Feel centred in space and aligned below and above

  • Be aware of your centre and of the vast field around you

  • Breathe in and out from heart

  • Be at one with your Soul in stillness




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