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What is Shamanism

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual path on the planet and yet follows the most modern laws of quantum physics and energy healing.

Ancient shamans from many parts of the world knew that everything is Spirit, energy consciousness, and that there is no separation between the inner world and the universe around. Shamanism teaches us to connect to Spirit within and in all things around to draw power and to manifest our life consciously.

Shamanic healing is based on two core principles: we dream our world into being and all power comes from connection.

Shamans knew that as energy beings we are at all times connected to the web of life. We constantly transmit with our thoughts and emotions and the universe around is responsive and alive. We are co-creators, dreaming continuously our world into being, from the inside out.

Shamans consciously journey to the spirit world, the living web of consciousness, to receive guidance and healing. We can all do this and journey within to perceive all those archetypal energies that run the universe: gods and goddesses, animal spirits, spirits of the ocean, the earth and the sky, angels and light beings.

To connect within we cultivate perception at all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. The technique used for this purpose is shamanic dreaming.

The truth is that we are never alone and when we connect inside to our true essence we can access all the love, power and understanding of the universal divine energy. When we connect within we can heal all those painful blocking stories that live in our psyche and remap our inner and outer reality at will.

By accessing the power of lucid dreaming we are not driven in life by unconscious patterns. We can choose joyful and fulfilling dreams and manifest what is truly important for our Soul. We can set consciously the energy pathways to manifest our soul desires.

In shamanism we do not own power, power flows through us: we open to it through our fluid, clear energy body. Power is a state of openness and expansion.

Shamanically we lose power in three ways: in case of soul loss, in case of energy intrusion or when we disconnect from our shadow.

Soul loss defines a situation when we disassociate from a part of our personality like the inner child, the broken hearted lover or, in general, the traumatized self. This is a defense mechanism which unfortunately cuts us off from important inner resources and vitality. Some of the symptoms of soul loss are an undefined longing, a grief that never heals or a sense of deep disconnection and emptiness. Energetically we are not whole anymore.

Energy Invasion is a very common situation of loss of power. People and situations around us continuously transmit energies through thoughts and emotions. For various reasons, when our boundaries are weak, we unconsciously absorb external energies in our body. We internalize mental conditioning or thoughts forms of dominant people or hold emotions that are not ours, like the sorrow of our mother, the frustration of our father or the anger of our ancestors. Energetically we disconnect from our true essence.

Shadow work is necessary when we do not accept and love all polarities within ourselves. Power comes from embracing all opposites, the angel and the devil, the feminine vulnerability and the decisiveness of the warrior, the child and the adult self, the wild and the spiritual self. Because of social and familiar conditioning we often disown and leave in the shadow important qualities. Energetically we lose vitality, creativity and power.




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