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Shamanic Dreaming

Shamanic dreaming is accessed through the experience of the shamanic journey, which is simply about going within in an expanded state of perception. I have worked with clients who knew nothing about shamanism and I have seen them journeying easily and accessing deep transformation.

So what is shamanic dreaming?

Shamanic dreaming is based on the principle of physics that all is energy and that we are not separate from the living field of the universe. Beyond the physical body, our field includes many subtle bodies, like the emotional, the mental and other spiritual bodies.

Through breathing and deep relaxation we can access an expanded state of consciousness and connect to our subtle bodies and to the field of energy around us. By journeying within we extend our perception to what is happening in our emotions, thoughts and body and we can draw information from the environment we live in.

The universe is a living organism, conscious and responsive and we are part of it. Our shaman ancestors knew this and spoke to the trees and the animals, to the sun and the star beings and drew power and knowledge from this connection. Shamanic dreaming is about going inside and accessing the intelligence and power of the universe.

Shamanic dreaming has a specific language, which is the language of the body, of imagination and of metaphorical symbols. It bypasses the logical mind and goes to a deeper level of consciousness.

When I follow a client in deep meditation I know a shift is happening because she feels it in her energy body. For example in her dreaming state the client maybe going back to her childhood. She may visualise herself lost in a dark wood trapped by a dark witch. Suddenly a jolt of pure fear goes through her body and when an angel comes to hold her, tears of grief and desperation pour out. After the release, the breathing expands and the client is able to receive the unconditional love from the angel, a love that was not available when she was a child.Accessing our stories through shamanic dreaming allows us to release negative emotions out of our body and to open to breathe in positive energy.

In shamanic dreaming we can also access those archetypal energies that are hidden or underplayed in our life. We may meet our Inner Artist, our Snake Goddess, our Warrior, our Magical Child, our Inner Feminine or Masculine. These are often traits of our personality we do not love and accept, often because of external conditioning. By opening to our Shadow energies we reclaim our power and wholeness.

In shamanic dreaming we ask for help to Spirits. Spirits are bundles of much expanded energy. We are small creatures really and maybe babies in the consciousness ladder. However when we connect to larger systems of energy we can become very powerful. We can connect to Mother Earth or to our Soul Group/Higher Self or to specific Ascended Masters. We can ask for help to nature spirits, power animals, fairies, angels, gods and goddesses and many light beings. They all belong to the field and by merging with them we can receive healing, guidance and protection.

Another thing we can do with shamanic dreaming is manifesting. We are beautiful conscious creatures continuously transmitting energies in most creative ways. Our deepest emotions, thoughts and desires travel through chords of light in the environment and towards the people around. By developing our vision we set up energetic pathways to manifest what we want or need in life. We magnetize, we dream our world into being, from the inside out.

Shamanic dreaming starts with a conscious intention but implies surrender. As you open and let go, the universal force can flow through you, healing and guiding you. Everything in the physical reality then becomes ease, flow and synchronicity.




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