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Soul Loss, Energy Invasion, Shadow

Shamanically we lose power in three ways: in case of Soul Loss, in case of Energy Invasion or when we disconnect from our Shadow.

Soul Loss

Soul Loss happens through emotional or physical traumas, when a situation was so overwhelming that the only response was to disassociate from the body.

These split-off parts of soul essence are lost in the unconscious and leave a painful sense of incompleteness, of undefined longing or even numbness.

A very common example is the inner child leaving at times of abuse or trauma or simply because she did not feel loved . When the child is not at home we lose connection to qualities such as wonder, playfulness and sensitivity.

Sometimes when a painful divorce or death occurs we leave parts of ourselves with our beloved ones, giving away to the departed person our most precious light. The grief is in these cases is overwhelming and never healing.

In certain relationships soul loss can be reciprocal. In some cases of co-dependency for example the woman may carry her husband’s child and mothering him and the husband may carry the woman’s child to protect her from the external world. Partners in these situations cannot cultivate a healthy sense of Independence.

Often people who suffered soul loss perceive a sense of emptiness inside and disconnection, a sense of losing one’s sense of self. Falling into addictions of any kind is a way of trying to fill this void with external forms.

The soul may decide to leave the body in the most varied situations and it is always necessary to heal the pain or hurt or sorrow that caused the separation before singing her back home. It is also important to acknowledge that the process of re-connection may take time and sensitivity.

Traditionally it was the shaman who would journey to the spirit world, the expanded web of energy and retrieve these soul parts. In my experience however, once the root cause of the soul loss is revealed and healed, the person is guided by her intuition to reclaim her essence-power back. This is done through journeying and with the support of the healer.

Energy Invasion

Energy Invasion is opposed to Soul Loss and happens when we carry in our luminous body energies that do not belong to us. Of course when there is emptiness inside, due to soul loss, it is easier to be invaded.

This situation is quite common and can range from simply allowing belief systems and agendas of dominant people in our mental body, to being overwhelmed by emotions of significant others in our life.

Often we absorb other people’s emotions because we love them, carrying for example the sorrow of our parents and ancestors. For love we want to merge with our beloved ones and we forget about our own selves and true needs. It is our need for connection that weakens our boundaries, as it is always the case with children.

The truth is that if our energy body is fluid and clear, these emotions do not stick in our field. The energy laws state that like attracts like, that we match the level of vibration around us. If we have fear in our body we will attract fear, if we have anger we will attract anger.

The problem is that, when we absorb these external energies, the situation gets terribly amplified. It is very difficult then to deal with those personal issues that caused the invasion in the first place. We become overwhelmed. Sorrow becomes unbearable grief, hopelessness utter desperation and anger becomes violence.

We need to learn to separate what is ours and what is not ours. It’s a process of cultivating awareness, at an intellectual and energetic level.

For years I have been haunted by spirits invading my body, disincarnated souls finding refuge in my field. This partly happened because I believe in remaining open and expanded and I have a compassionate heart, I want to help people. But I also had a lot of karmic and ancestral sorrow and anger in my soul story. I would clear these foreign energies and feel immediately better but until I learnt to clear my own vibration and reclaim my lost soul parts I would be invaded again.

Inhabiting a whole energy body, vibrating at a high level of consciousness, can be learnt. It’s a healing journey towards owning our power, knowing ourselves and opening to love and joy.


In the Shadow of our psyche live all disowned traits of our personality, those dark and light qualities, which we believe we do not own or which we lost connection with.

Shadow is all those “I am not that” that we keep telling ourselves: I am not sexy, I am not controlling, I am not lazy, I am not an artist, I am not assertive, I do not have people skills and so on.

Healing the shadow means becoming whole and learning to love everything about ourselves. It is about owning all polarities inside: the angel and the devil, the soft feminine and the fiery masculine, order and chaos, logic and art, fast and slow, wild and elegant.

The subject of the shadow is a fascinating one. If taken with an attitude of enquiry and some lightness it can expand our mind and open ourselves to self love.

Shadow is often found when we over identify with a certain personality, like high achieving businessmen who disown their playful inner child or pleasing women who disown their aggressive personality.

The mechanism of the shadow often involves burying emotions, like fear and anger. Many people bury their most vulnerable delicate self because of fear, fear that this part will not cope in the world. This personality stays in the shadow because it’s hurt and the result is that we miss out her qualities of sensitivity, warmth and surrender.

Social and cultural conditioning have also led us to disown many qualities of being in favour of qualities of productivity and efficiency. Slowing down, daydreaming, making music or art, relaxing in nature. Again we miss precious gifts such as health, emotional connection and love for nature.

It takes a lot of energy in repressing these traits or sub-personalities and often they act out in side ways, like repressed anger which lashes out inappropriately or disowned vulnerability which becomes emotional and physical frigidity.

Shadow often involves judgement and the mechanism of projection. When we judge others with an emotional charge, the reason is often because we are judging the same quality within ourself. This can also be a positive trait when we believe that famous people have more greatness, intelligence and spirituality than we do.

We have all human qualities within each one of us.

Shadow work involves connecting to all our sub-personalities and allow them a voice, so that we can free their emotions and energy and reclaim their gifts.

When we can stay in our centre, in a state of awareness, we can listen to all these voices inside and make balanced choices whilst enjoying the fullness of our potential.




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