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The Basics of Energy

Unit 1 - Master Your Energy E-course.

This e-course is designed to give methods to feel the world of energy and to master the energy body. Principles and techniques will facilitate direct experiencing and support the inner journey of self-realization.

The course is based on the map of the chakra system and each chapter is accompanied by audio-recordings of guided meditations.


Everything is energy and we are looking here for a direct experience of energy. We want to learn to feel energy and move it at will, in the body and in the field around.

Working with energy is a process of opening and allowing the energy to flow freely inside our body. It is also a process of connecting to different kind of energies in the environment.

Energy is simple:

  • We breathe energy IN and we breathe energy OUT. We receive it and we give it. We let it in and we release it.

  • Energy is received and transmitted through the CHAKRAS, vortexes of energy positioned along the central channel of the body.

  • Energy runs UPWARDS and DOWNWARDS in our body. The upward current is ascending energy coming from the Earth, the downward current is descending energy from the Soul into the body.

  • Energy moves in the body and in the environment also in other flow patterns, like different vortexes and spinning or rotational movements, which we will explore further on in the course.

We are channels of light, with energy flowing up and down the body, like electrical current running through a battery. We also absorb energy from the quantum field through the 7 chakras, positioned along the spine.

The questions is: how do we practically work with energy? How do we activate energy in the body? How do we release blocked energy?

There are three main ingredients needed to work with energy: Breath, Intention and Awareness.

  • BREATH moves the energy in and out. Breath allows the reception and the release of energy. Breath brings us into a state of presence and awareness.

  • INTENTION directs the energy. The principle is: ‘Energy goes where the attention goes’. With focused intention we co-create in alignment with the universe. Intention is about having the end result in mind as well as keeping focussed in the present moment, on every step of the process.

  • AWARENESS is about becoming conscious of our inner energy field (sensations, emotions and thoughts), and of the extended field around.


On the Out-breath release energy

  • Always maintain awareness of the Inner Body. Notice the physical tensions or contractions at first. Then also notice your feelings and thoughts.

  • Whenever you feel tension in your body send your breath through it. With each in-breath intend to soften the contraction, then slowly breathe out and release the tension.

  • Scan your body and notice where the energy is blocked or tensed. Breath in the tension to soften the energy. On the out-breath release the tension out.

  • This process may take just a few minutes or require a longer meditation. Take the time you need, give yourself the space. However, know that a few mindful breaths, in your everyday life, can shift the tension significantly.


On the In-breath receive energy

  • Breathe in more of what feels good. Breathe in and receive.

  • Breathe in peace, love, power. Or any other quality you need.

  • Breathe in the sun and the stars. The sea, the wind and the trees.

  • Breathe in and open. Breathe in and receive.

  • Scan your body. Breathe in energy where it feels depleted or empty. Breathe in vitality and strength.

  • Let yourself receive what you need, affirm you are willing to open and receive it in your body.


There are two basic types of energies that run through our body. The upward current is the earthy vital energy, which rises up our body like sap through the roots of a tree. The downward current is spiritual light energy, which streams down into our body, like the sunlight is absorbed by the leaves of trees.

The ascending energy is the wild, raw, primal and nourishing life force of the earth, whilst the descending energy is the peaceful holding presence of the cosmic field of light.

Both currents deeply nourish us. When we breathe in the ascending current we receive from the natural environment. When we breathe in the descending current we receive from the cosmic field, intelligent, peaceful and infinite.

The upward current opens our energy body like a flower, so that we can receive the downward current of Spirit materializing in the physical dimension. The two currents ultimately merge in one free flowing current of light, in the central channel of the body.

When these energies run freely in our body we are full of life and vitality and at the same time we feel connected to our Soul and guided by Spirit, able to co-create in the world.

As we are able to move energy consciously, we can also block its flow unconsciously. Our actions, emotions and thoughts are imprinted in our body as cellular memory. When negative experiences are not metabolized and transformed, they alter the energy flow of the two currents.

We are conduits of energy, we do not possess energy, our responsibility is to allow the power of the universe to flow through us. Much suffering comes from blocking the energy in the body, through tension and stress, due to trauma, negativity or external conditioning.

A lamp in my living room suddenly short-circuited the other day and I found myself in the darkness. When my partner disconnected the faulty switch, we could turn the electricity on again. When I was in the darkness was electricity not there? Electricity was always there; it was the circuit that was blocked.

The connection to the field of light is always there, it is the personality that can be closed or short-circuited. Mastery is the ability to develop awareness and experience of energy, in order to embody it, to ride it, to flow with it, so that the universal intelligence can manifest radiantly in the world thorough our being.

Breathing the currents Up and Down the spine.

Inbreath - the energy rises up the spine; Outbreath - the energy flows down the spine

Focus your attention on the pelvic floor. On the Inbreath send the energy up, along the spine, to your crown. On the Outbreath send the energy down, from the crown, along the spine, back to your pelvic floor.

Breathe in and up the spine. Breathe out and down the spine. From the pelvic floor to the crown.

Breathe in and up, breathe out and down.

Run this flow along the central channel of the body until the breathing becomes effortless.

Running the Upward current.

Inbreath - the energy rises up from the earth into the body; Outbreath - the energy is sent up the spine and out of the crown.

Breathe in and receive energy from the earth; Breathe out and send the energy up your spine and out of the crown.

Run the upward current a few times.

Discharge any tension out of your crown. Imagine energy rising up and clearing any tension out of your crown like a fountain.

Receive deeply from the earth and from nature all around. Breathe the energy up and feel deeply nourished.

Running the Downward current.

Inbreath – breathe the energy from the space above your crown; Outbreath – receive the energy streaming down into the body

Breathe in and receive energy into your crown from the space above – breathe out and send the energy down into the body

Run the downward current a few times.

On the inbreathe deeply receive light from above, from your Soul and from the cosmos. Breathe in the downpour of energy into your crown and chest; breathe out and send it down into your belly and legs.

On the outbreath discharge any tension into the ground. Allow the energy to stream down into your body and imagine any residual tension being discharged into the earth.


The whole journey of learning to manage your energy is about preparing the Personality to channel the Soul. When the power of our Soul is anchored in the body we operate at a higher level of consciousness, and are more effectively engaged with life and the world.

As co-creators we need to take responsibility to contact the Soul directly. We do this practically by anchoring our energy upwards to our Soul star and downwards to the Earth core.

Building the Chord of Light to the Soul star

Inbreath - the energy rises up to the crown; Outbreath - the energy is projected upwards and anchored to the Soul core

When running the upward current, imagine a chord of light extending from the crown high up into the sky. The chord of light reaches the core of your Soul and gets anchored firmly there.

Repeat this a few times. Take a deep in breath and on the out breath send a chord of light to your Soul star

Now you can run the downward current from the Soul star; breathe in from the Soul star and on the outbreath send the energy down into your crown and body, and into the earth.

Building the Root Chord to the Earth core

Inbreath – breathe in from the space above; Outbreath - the energy is sent down into the body, deep down into the earth, and anchored to the Earth core

When running the downward current, imagine a root forming beyond your body and going deep down into the earth. The root reaches the core of the Earth and gets anchored firmly there.

Repeat this a few times. Take a deep inbreath and on the outbreath send a chord of light into the Earth core.

Now you can run the upward current from the Earth core; breathe in from the Earth core and on the outbreath send the energy up your body, to your crown and into the space above.

The tunnel of light: bridging Earth and Heaven

Breathe in and up from the Earth core and reach the Soul Star

Breathe out and down from the Soul star and reach the Earth core

With your breath follow the energy flowing up and down, from the Earth Core to the Soul star, until you find your own rhythm. Feel the two currents merging as one in the channel of Light flowing through you.

Centre, Sacred space and Protection

Breathe in and out from the point of light at the centre of your heart

When running the energies in our body we need a stable centre. The centre of the energy body is in the heart. Breathing in and out from the heart centre, we connect within, above and below and with the space all around.

Imagine sitting in your sacred space like in a bubble of light

You are connected below to the Earth and above to your Soul.

You are centred in space, within the 4 directions: North, East, South, West

You are breathing in and out from your heart centre.

The bubble of light is sealed and protected.

In your sacred space you are safe and protected. You are held in the pure light of Spirit.


1. Upward current.

The current is at once nourishing and cleansing. Allow moments of silence during the day, even for a few minutes, where you focus on emptying yourself of everything: thoughts, feelings, memories, stress. Do this by running the upward current. Just breathe, observe and let go of everything as tension out of the crown. Surrender all stress out of the body, breathe it out and feel a deep state of silence arising from within.

2. Downward current

After emptying of all tension, we become deeply relaxed the body. We surrender to a state of silence where there is only breathing, where our emotions are calm and our mind still. In this space we are open and surrendered and are able to receive the downward current of our Soul. It is important to keep affirming that we are willing to receive our Soul in the body. I breathe in, open like a flower and receive the Soul in my body.

3. Inner body and outer space

Learn to listen to the body. We hold the tension of emotions, thoughts and memories deep in our bones and structure, in our belly and chest, in our shoulders and arms, in our head and teeth. Welcome any physical tensions, feel all of your difficult feelings, allow all negative thoughts and images, as they are showing you where you can liberate and transmute energy.

Learn to listen to the space around.You are both the body and the space. Extend your perception and breathe in and up the energy of the trees, meadows and flowers, rocks and mountains, rivers and seas and all the elements. Extend your perception and breathe in and down the energy from the sun, the moon and the planets, from the stars and the spinning galaxies.

4. Protection

Openness is a requirement to be able to feel energy. The channel of the body needs to be open, in order to receive and transmit energy. However, we want to discern what we let in at all times. Shielding our energy field allows us to decide which energies, thoughts and emotions to let in. The bubble of light is just one of many symbols that can be used.

5. Breath and the Observer

You can use the breath to move energy consciously or you can relax in the spontaneous rhythm of breath. Try with directing the breath at first and then surrender to its flow, the breath breathing you. If the releasing or receiving doesn’t happen, just observe this and keep breathing. Energy is intelligent and finds its ways. Just be the breath and the Observer.


Working with energy is not an intellectual process. It is instead an experience, a very personal one.

In meditation always follow your instinct and where the energy wants to go.

For a long time I felt drawn to only run the upward current. I needed to clear a lot of pain, stress and wounding. Then I realized I was not grounding properly, so I started running the downward energy to anchor my Soul to the Earth. However, I encountered a lot of resistance in receiving this current in my body, as I didn’t really want to be in this world. After releasing my suffering I now find it easier to connect to my Soul, and embody its peaceful and loving Presence.

The transformation of negative energy may happen anywhere in the body, in your sacral area, in your solar plexus, heart or head. The discharge of tension can be out of these areas or out of your crown, or even out of your hands and feet. Always observe and be alert of where and how the energy wants to move. Follow the principle of what feels good, of the pleasure of releasing tension, of the pleasure of breathing in and receiving.

Sometimes you may just need to be in your centre, whilst at other times expansion in space is what you desire. Sometimes I felt so hurt that the only space I could be was a tiny little dot of light at the centre of my chest. Curled there I felt protected and loved and I could regain my strength.

Be the centre, be the expansion, breathe the energy up, breathe it down. Experiment. It has happened to me that I experienced all the energies happening at once, in a much faster way than my mind could observe. I was only the bliss of breath and beingness.

Experiment, breathe, observe, go where it feels good and persevere, energy knows its way!




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