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Surrender, Flow and the Power of the Feminine

Imagine flow for a moment…silence and soft breathing….a peaceful rhythm, maybe you are in nature…the sea…wind in the trees. Slow down…allow stillness to arise from within. The body is relaxing deeply inside….you are letting go….of tension….surrendering. It’s peaceful inside.

Now let’s plan! Goals and resolutions, lots of them, a long list of things to do, the mind wants to do so much…and not enough time, not enough energy…Can you feel the stress and the anxiety arising within? All very good with the intentions but what about the tension generated in the process?

The point I want to make is that maybe there is another way, I believe more feminine in its nature, to be on purpose and efficient.

The way is emptying your cup instead of filling it. The way is flowing and surrendering instead of willing and doing and pushing.

Flow implies letting go of stress and tension in the body.

Flow means deep acceptance of what is in the moment. I accept what is now…I relax..I feel a stillness inside…I can see beauty around me…I can see my next step. And the doing is easy, relaxed.

Move your body with surrender, prepare your dinner with surrender. One step after the other in a continuous flow, present for each step. If the flow gets blocked take another action, don’t waste energy being disappointed, do not force the result, do not create tension.

Surrender doesn’t mean inactive. It is relaxed action instead. Whenever you feel a tension inside, whatever you are doing, stop. Notice the stress and listen to your body. You may want to sit still and breathe and empty yourself. Send the stress down your body, into the earth. It is not always comfortable, you may get in touch with difficult feelings.

Allow every feeling and let it go, breathe the tension out of your body. When you are calm again, in this stillness and emptiness inside, your pure simple intentions arise, your next step shows itself easily. Choose to do whatever is good for you to feel relaxed and joyful again. It may not be productive as such but the aim is to bring you in a state of flow again.

This softness of being is associated with the feminine energy of surrender. But surrender is scary. You may loose control. You may get off track in achieving your goals.

Surrender requires courage. We set our goals and then trust unconditionally.

Surrender and flow imply non attachment. We plan the end destination but flow in the way we get there. We connect to a world of pure intentions and energy. Set your intention and then slow down, empty yourself, in the silence you may hear the voice of your soul guiding you. Your luminous perfected being holding your hands and guiding you in your evolution.

Try something in practice.

Intend something small to happen and then let go. Which intentions to choose? The purpose is a higher vibration of being, try something that gives you pleasure and joy. Maybe you want some friendly connection or some inspiration or you feel like something delicious to eat.

Totally be in your present situation and relax. Breathe, feel your inner body. Any emotions simply breathe it out, any thought you observe it and let go. The way to your goal is relaxed and easy. Just be present and feel where you might want to go, what your next action might be. Move one small step after the other and remember your intention. Keep a stillness inside and observe, be aware of signs and synchronicity. Life is always sending you clues and messages to guide you.

And trust! The universe always delivers what you need.

Sometimes surrender it’s like dying. We need to let go of situations or people, and our expectations around them.

Sometimes reality does not match our desires and we need to be able to see it and accept it. In allowing death we make space for the rebirth in another form. Surrender in this case is also deep acceptance of all the negative feelings of disappointment or grief around the situation.

One of the red flags that we are not in the flow is suffering. Suffering in fact often comes from attachment. Suffering exist, this is true, people and situations that have hurt us are real, it is about the dwelling on suffering that we can do something about. And the way is letting go.

Letting go of your thoughts about the hurt, letting go of a past that will never come back or a dangerous future that hasn’t manifested yet. Letting go of relationships that do not serve us. This is not easy at times and yet it can happen in a moment. Let go now, just do it. Breathe and just enjoy the present moment. Life changes all the time, in an eternal flow of bliss and new adventures.

Flow is connected to water, a feminine element that teaches us about connectedness and power.

Creatures in the sea are immersed in their environment, they are at one with it. They swim and move in unison with the rhythm of the ocean. There is no separation. The sea envelops them and gives them life. Flow and surrender mean being connected to the ocean of love we live in. We are not separated, we are not alone. We are at one with all life around us. We are sustained, loved and nurtured by the web of life around us.

Flow also means adapting to life, like the river flowing around the mountain and around rocks and obstacles. When rafting I learnt that I cannot push the river or worst, navigate it upwards! I can only stir the canoe to avoid the obstacles and keep it afloat. It certainly requires presence but more grace than effort. The river also taught me that flow does not mean slow! The river is powerful and fast and its waters run with passion!

A meditation to be in the flow: the point of stillness in your body.

If you feel you are not in the flow and anxiety and tension arise for any reason in your day, try this last small practice. Look for a space within, maybe really small, where nothing really matters, only your peace. This is like a point of light, a dot of light, in your body. Find it in the middle of your chest, in the centre of your being.

Focus on this small point in the middle of your chest and breathe into it. This is a small place of absolute stillness, where nothing is really important, only your peace. Feel all of your focus there, feel all of your energy there, sit there and just breathe. Your space of light, at the centre of your being, your point of absolute stillness. Nobody can enter it, nothing matters there, only your peace.

In time you may expand this space, make it bigger inside. It may become a ball of light, may be warmer, allow it to expand in your chest. You may start feeling joy there. It may become a space of light all around you and from the centre of your being you are now exuding light. It is unrestrained and radiates for no reason. It doesn’t matter if there is anybody receiving it. It is self-generating. It is peace, it is joy, it is self-generating love.

"All the great artists of the world slowly start growing a quality of feminineness, grace, elegance, exquisiteness. A certain flavour of softness, relaxedness, calmness and quietness surrounds them." - Osho




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