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What is Energy Healing

When I tell people I am an energy healer I always detect a slightly alarmed response on their part. The connection is lost for a moment and we enter an uncertain territory, myself included.

The dilemma is that, although I am an energy healer, I am also a pretty practical person, raised in a scientific environment and striving to understand the world with my mind. I am spiritual and I embrace the sacred in all things but I am also materialistic, I appreciate concrete results and I like perceiving with my senses.

Let’s try then to be simple about it.

Energy healing is really about understanding a few scientific principles that govern our universe and apply them. Working with energy, however, requires having an open mind and being willing to be adventurous and explore through experience.

The goal of energy healing? Feeling good, vibrant and alive. Feeling strong in yourself and knowing how to direct your life creatively. In this overflowing state we are able to connect with other people and share of our love and talents. This is easier said than done.

In my experience people naturally know how to heal themselves and be creative by working with energy. In fact although energy healing is scientific and cutting edge, it has been known by shamans for thousands of years. It’s deep on our consciousness.

Let’s start with two basic principles of energy healing.

The first principle is that all is energy, our body, our mind and emotions, and the whole universe around. The atom is apparently 1% matter and 99% energy, like the universe. When we see solid matter is energy vibrating at a denser level. Likewise matter has different levels of density in solids, liquid and gas states.

Our physical body is therefore only a small part of who we are. It is contained in a much more expanded field including many subtle bodies, the etheric, the emotional, the mental body and many levels of spiritual bodies. It is not the soul which lives in the body but the body which lives inside our expanded soul. And of course there is no separation, as our soul penetrates every cell of our body.

Take a moment to pause and breathe and when you breathe feel the lightness of your expanded self, feel how you can embrace quite a big space around you, maybe it’s just with your imagination but certainly you can include the room around you and maybe the garden outside or maybe you can also embrace the ocean. Breathe and sense the people around you and their energy or imagine a beloved one and immediately perceive their specific energy.

We know through our body, through our imagination, through our emotions, we know through many levels of perception.

A very practical application of having a layered aura is that when we intervene at more subtle levels, lets say at the levels of our emotions or thoughts, we will impact our physical reality. When we intervene at even more subtle levels, we are actually going to the root cause of any imbalances, that exist in the flow of energy of our body and of different areas of our life. We are going back to work with source energy, where all change and transformation is possible.

Another consequence of the principle that everything is energy is that we are not separate from the living field of the universe. Our energy body continuously interacts with the environment around. In nature for example we receive nourishment from the heat and light of the sun and from the energies of plants, trees and animals. We breathe in the wind and absorb the energy of water streams and oceans. It is simple yet profound.

A basic rule of energy well-being is to be in right relationship with the elements. Do you have enough fire and passion in your life? Are you grounded enough in your body and solid in your life? Are you fluid and flexible like water? Can you expand your mind and see the bigger perspective like an eagle flying high in the sky?

In the same way we are connected to the earth as its organisms, we are also connected to our star system, to our galaxy and beyond. The universe is one big living organism, which is conscious and responsive and we are part of it. Our shaman ancestors knew this and spoke to the sun, the moon and the star beings and drew power and knowledge from this connection. By extending their perception into expanded consciousness they were able to know things otherwise unaccessible to them.

But where is the little me in all of this galactic talk?

Well I will give a scientific fact: it has been demonstrated by NASA tests that the universe has an holographic structure. Every single tiny part of it reflects the whole. You can actually see the stars in a molecule of your hair. As an artist friend of mine put it: I have always known I have the whole universe inside.

We are beautiful conscious creatures continuously transmitting energies in most creative ways. Our deepest emotions, thoughts and desires travel through chords of light in the environment and towards the people around. We nourish our beloved ones and our projects with love and attention. We connect through intense conversations. We connect to friends, lovers and colleagues and are always transformed. All connection and communication is a transmission of conscious energy.

All our experiences and interactions are recorded in our field of energy and encoded in our bodies. Our being knows the experience of love and our body remembers the warmth of loving touch, as our mind remembers meaningful revelations and the ability of performing creative endeavours.

Unfortunately this is also true for our negative experiences, which are imprinted in our field at different levels and can painfully run our lives. Energies of abandonment and rejection, of fear and control are like programs in a computer, which provoke automatic reactive behaviours in our interactions.

We could be more precise about this and say that energy flows in our physical body through river of lights, the meridians, and vortex of energy, the chakras and all acupuncture points. It is this flow of energy that can be blocked by negative imprinting of thoughts, emotions and experiences.

We are magnetic, electric conductors like batteries. It is proven that in 1 kg of human flesh there is more light than in the same amount of sun mass. The earth itself has electromagnetic grids of light around (like our subtle bodies) and ley lines (like meridians) and chakras and acupuncture points. The history of our planet is recorded in her energy body, like our karmic and ancestral history is recorded in our luminous body.

The good news is that we can learn to clear negative imprints or blockages in our energy body. We can learn to nourish our luminous body with loving and strengthening energies, thoughts and emotions.

Yes but how do we do this in practice? Well this leads us to a second very important principle about energy healing. This principle is that energy follows focus. It is scientifically proven that matter organises itself according to the direction of thought.

Pictures have been taken of water crystals, showing beautiful crystalline patterns when transmitted with thoughts of beauty. The same sample of water showed melted disfigured crystalline patterns, when transmitted with thoughts of ugliness. Think about the consequences of this, considering that our bodies are probably around 80% water. Another scientific example is referred to the case of researchers performing the same test, but holding different intentions about the outcome. The results of the tests were different, despite they were performed at the same conditions.

What impact does this have on our well being and on our life? The main benefit is the possibility of healing and transformation. By becoming aware and by the power of our intention we can dissolve all those toxic emotions and patterns, related to experiences we have not metabolized.

It is known for example that children are not able to process emotions until a certain age and that the body defence mechanism is to numb them. This is a biological process similar to when the body releases endorphins to numb a sudden physical injury. These traumas reemerge later on in life, to be healed when the person is ready to become conscious and to transform the pain.

As energy follows focus, when we become aware of negative patterns we can open their emotional charge and release their energy imprint. It happens spontaneously as the energy body opens up and we can finally breathe it all out. Entangled knots in our belly, balls of grief in our heart, strangling bands around our neck, these all dissolve and we can regain fluidity and lightness.

There are many different situations that can restrict our energy flow or limit the expansion of our energy body. We may need to reclaim split parts of our energy (Soul retrieval), or release energies that do not belong to us (Energy extraction), or reclaim archetypal energies we have disowned (Shadow work). In our inner world there live many stories, from our personal life, from our karmic journey and from our ancestral lineage.

See more in my blog post "What is Shamanism".

We have the power of transforming ourselves. We know by instinct how to work with our imagination and with energy. We know how to connect to the universal intelligence and draw power from the expanded field of consciousness.

With awareness, breathing and a basic knowledge on how to move energy in our body and aura, we can become whole again and dare to dream our world into being, as co-creators of the universe.




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