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Self at Heart meditations - Self-Expression

Self at Heart.

Series of short blogs and meditations to explore the art of Connection to Self.


The Self, as the deep essence of our Being, longs to manifest in the world. Each creature on Earth blossoms as a unique flower. Self-Expression is about living according to our own nature and design, the Self emerging effortlessly in form, in many creative ways.

Self-expression is exuberant, it is the life-force coming into existence with impetus. It is the Self affirming ‘I am here! And I want to shine’. It is the passion driving all our creative endeavours, where creativity unfolds as an act of nature, spontaneous, vibrant, and inevitable.

And what a heart-break when we cannot freely express our authentic Self!

The grief is about not being seen, appreciated and loved for who we are.

We block our Self-expression because we are afraid of being judged, even attacked or abused, by parents, lovers, teachers, colleagues, friends and more, our worth being conditioned by external standards which we follow in order to be accepted. In the end we never feel good enough, caught in this wide-spread social paradigm of low self-esteem.

We repress our life force with thoughts such as: who do you think you are, you have nothing of value to share, it is arrogant to show our beauty and talent, and selfish to fulfil our desires. Passion and vitality are judged as embarrassing, and we become withdrawn.

Repressing our Self-expression causes many imbalances in our energy body. We may become ungrounded, the Self thrown out of the body, because it is not safe or acceptable to be authentic. Another symptom can be depression and inability to act, an inertia that paralyzes. At the other extreme we may be anxious or hyperactive, when unable to contain the repressed energy.

Often resistance to Self-expression is deeply rooted in fear. We are afraid of the raw power of our natural Self, because this fiery elemental energy can be dangerous as it has been used (and it is still used) for aggressive dominance, disconnected from spiritual guidance.

The process to accept, love and direct this earthy vital energy, called Kundalini in eastern spiritual traditions, can be very gentle.

We can learn to harness and drive our Kundalini in harmony with our spiritual integrity. It is a universal law that all energy is One.

I invite you to become friend with this wild life-force, that drives your passion and your creativity. You need this energy for Self-Expression. Your Self is able to hold it.

Try this simple meditation

Sit or lie in a comfortable position, relax.

Use your breath to release tension.

Breathe in and out, slowly and consciously.

Follow your breath until your body is deeply relaxed.

Know that your body is part of the earth

Imagine, sense and feel the natural landscape all around you

Connect with the energy of the earth

Imagine a flow of warm loving energy entering your body

Imagine breathing energy into your body from the earth below and nature all around.

Notice how it feels, its warmth, its vibrancy, its exuberance, its fire!

Ask your Self to show you how you block or disperse your life force

Notice the thoughts and the emotions arising.

Notice them and let them go.

Ask your Self for help in letting go of any resistance.

You can accept this energy fully because you are held by your Self

You are safe in the sacred space of your Self holding you

Allow the call of nature in your body, as an energy flow ascending from deep within

Know that the Earth loves you and accepts you unconditionally.

Surrender and trust

Allow the emergence of the life-force in your body

Intend to open and receive it in a way that is gentle and gradual

Allow this current to clear any fear

Allow the flowering from within

Allow the expansion

Experience the flow of pleasure, warmth and vitality in your unique way.




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