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2nd Ray of Light of Love and Wisdom

2nd Ray of Light of Love and Wisdom - Soul Meditations with Kasia Rutkowska-Parkes.

Welcome to a series of podcasts dedicated to the Rays of Light, created by Ursula Barbieri and Kasia Rutkowska-Parkes.

The Rays of Light are extensions of the universal consciousness, cosmic currents that run from the source level and vibrate with different qualities and colors.

The pure energy of the Creator is split and made accessible to us through 12 Rays. The source energy needs to be filtered down because it is not available to us in its purest form.

By learning to embody the specific qualities of each Ray we achieve wholeness of being.

The first 3 Rays are classed as the key rays for humanity, enabling the manifestation of the Soul on Earth. These are ray 1 of Will and Power, Ray 2 of Love and Wisdom and Ray 3 of Active intelligence. Ray 4 to ray 7 are extensions of Ray 3. The latter 5 Rays are known as Higher Rays supporting the merge of the Soul with the purest divine energy.

The 2nd Ray of Light is the Ray of Love and Wisdom. The Ray is overseen by Lord Matreya and Master Joshua. The Archangels of the Ray are Jophiel and Christine.

The Ray of Love and wisdom is blue and holds the essence of the Christ consciousness. It is the Ray of unconditional love and oneness, spiritual wisdom and the Universal laws. The qualities of its energy are calmness, compassion and surrender. It is connected to the vibration of the heart chakra. This Ray is associated with deities such as the serene Huan Yin, the Mother of Mothers Isis and with Buddha and Christ.

The purpose of the 2nd Ray is to open to the divine within through unconditional love and the universal truth.

In this journey you are going to call upon the energy of the Ray and transform anything in the way of self love and love for all creation.




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