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Self at Heart meditations - Listening

Self at Heart.

Series of short blogs and meditations to explore the art of Connection to Self.


Self-Realization is my core value, which means that my Connection to Self is the leading principle in my life.

Self is otherwise called Spirit, Higher Self, God, Consciousness, the I am Presence, the quantum intelligence that moves the universe and more.

Self at Heart means I stay anchored in my core, where I communicate to Self.

Heart is the core centre of my being, where I let Energy, Love and Intelligence come through.

These are big words, but they can be experienced in everyday life. When I am connected to Spirit within, I feel love physically, it pours out from my heart. Love emanates from the core of my Being into all aspects of creation. I am in wonder of everything around: my sleeping cat, the pink sky at dawn, the warm taste of my coffee, my lover, my colleagues at work, my friends, the unknown people in the park, the first primroses, the words on my keyboard…….

As the poet David Whyte said ‘Falling in love with solid ground’

It is a nice feeling. No suffering. Peaceful for no reason. Light and still. Relaxed and trusting. I am deeply rooted in being and nothing can affect this state, neither my thoughts and feelings nor anything in the external world. The peaceful state is inside me and it encompasses everything.

Whilst I am writing about this, a person inside me is crying. She is feeling exhausted and desperate. She is saying that she has been trying hard and for so long, that she feels that there is no hope. The world is still full of suffering and she is in pain as well, the body in physical pain, the mind restless… the heart broken. The experience of living is overwhelming.

Connection to Self is by choice. It is a proactive state. In my experience it can be learnt and cultivated, although paradoxically it is always there and we only need to open and surrender to it.

After we have a set a clear intention to connect to Self, one effective action is Listening. Deep listening.

For example, as I notice a part of me is in suffering, I stop and just listen.

Try this simple meditation

Sit or lie comfortably.


Focus on your breath.

Your intention is to allow everything.

You only observe.

You listen with all your senses.

Allow any thoughts, do not hold onto any. Notice your thought and let them go.

Allow any feeling, do not judge any. Feel them and let them go.

Allow any physical sensations, scan your inner body, observe any sensation.

Listen to the external world. Pay attention to noises and movements, close to you and in the wider field.

The experience is like tuning into a radio station or a movie: words, sounds and images happen and you are observing with detachment.

Let go of the need to control anything.

Observe your need to do or to change anything.

If your body needs to move, allow it. Maybe your head needs to fall on your chest. Surrender to your body. You are moved rather than moving your body.

For the time being allow everything and do nothing.

Only observe and breathe.

Remember to breathe😊.

Sometimes I feel myself screaming inside and I do not resist it.

Other times I cry to God to make me die and I am allowing it.

Let everything flow through you.

It may be uncomfortable, but it shall pass, it will move on.

The tension observed will melt and everything will be washed away.

Notice the pleasure of breathing.

Feel the sweetness of surrendering.

Embody the pleasure of Being.

Know that your Presence is enough.

Feel how spirit as energy flows freely in your body.

Energy is intelligent and will fill your body with presence.

Feel how you are anchored and centred and aligned.

And Listen.

Listen to your Self.

Ask your questions and listen to guidance.

Have a conversation with Spirit within.

Connect with your Self, as deep peace.




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