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Self Love Meditation

Audio-recording of Unit 8 - The Heart Chakra - Master Your Energy E-course

In this meditation you are going to connect to the ‘I Am Love’ presence and heal those situations in your life that mirror lack of love and self-love. By embodying the light of your wise and loving Soul, you will understand your repetitive patterns of heartbreak, and release any suffering associated. You will reaffirm your state of natural wholeness, as a radiant being of Love and Power.

Meditation Script

Connect to your breathing and entrain a state of stillness

Follow the slow rhythm of inhalation and exhalation

Anchor in the body, feel the breath in the body

Breathe in a place in your body where you feel good, calm and steady

Maybe the belly or the legs or the heart

Breath in and out from there until you feel still and steady

Your intention is to connect to the ‘I am Love’ state of presence and heal any heart-breaks, that deny the essence of Love and Light that you are.


Think about a heart-break, in relation to people, groups or projects

A situations that mirrors lack of love or self-love in your life

Where you don’t feel loved, valued or accepted as you are

Who or which situation trigger feeling of hurt, rejection, betrayal, grief or any other suffering of the heart, that touches the core of your being.

This may be a recent pattern, yet it is repetitive

The distress may be happening right now, but somehow it recalls a pattern

Observe the suffering, the anxiety, the discomfort

Observe the body sensations, the emotions and the thoughts

Breathe, remember your anchor, stay detached

Observe your behavior and the behavior of the people around

Allow everything to be as it and just observe it.

Track other examples or memories that recall the same pattern

Remember your anchor and the breath


Intend now to connect with your Higher Self

Intend to merge with the light of your Soul

Intend to be immersed in the Love and energy of your Soul

The light is surrounding you and entering every cell of your being.

Ask the part of you that has feelings to be come forth

Connect energetically to the part of you in distress

You are now sensing the whole situation from a much closer space

You are present with the sensations, feelings and mental turmoil

At the same time, you are the wise expanded being of light holding the space around

Allow all of your feelings, thoughts and memories to emerge

Your Higher Self is helping, showing you events of the past and patterns

Allow the grieving, all buried emotions

Keep connecting to your body and breath

Allow the insights, keep exploring memories and observe.

Ask yourself how did the heart-break happen:

How did you behave, how did people behave around you?

What were you thinking, what were other people thinking?

Which feelings and emotions were present

What is the advice of your Higher Self, what do they see?

Ask yourself which of the universal laws of Love were broken:

Self Love: Did you abandon or betray yourself somehow?

Did you disown your value, your essential worth?

Did you give away your power for Love

Wholeness: Did you look outside yourself for Love or validation?

Did you look outside for something you thought you didn’t possess?

Projections: Did the social environment not meet your expectations?

Did other people betray you?

Core ‘I am not’ belief

What is the core feeling when you think about this repetitive pattern of heartbreak

Come to a core belief, core thought, core judgement

Come to a statement that negates Self-Love and

the essence of Love that you are.

I am not

I can’t

I don’t know

When you are identified with this core belief, what happens to you?

How do you react and behave?

What happens to your energy, especially in the heart.

Connect to your I am Presence, your Soul, your Higher Self

Ask your Higher Self to love and embrace you

Use your anchor and your breathing

Embrace yourself, hold yourself, love and accept yourself unconditionally

Intend to forgive and to release

Release all the emotions, forgive yourself and the others

Your Higher self is holding you and you can let go deeply

Your Higher Self is hearing you and understanding you

You are loved and accepted unconditionally

You can relax and open and let go of all your suffering, your pain, your grief

Your Higher self also knows your beauty, strength and uniqueness, your pure Light

And you feel appreciated and loved

I am Presence statements

Ask yourself what do you need right now?

Which thoughts, or emotional energy or behavior do you want to invite in

Ask your Higher Self to show you an essential affirmation,

a core commitment you are ready to embrace

Find an affirmation that neutralizes your negative core belief

I am love

I am life

I am strong

I can

I know

Embody the affirmation

Open your heart and allow the light of this affirmation to sink in

Embody it fully, open and breathe it in your heart, and in your whole body

Hold a hand on your heart and state your commitment to your Self

Visualize this new state of being informing your life, or the situations you need to change

Breathe your affirmation in and out of your heart, anchor yourself in the heart, radiate its light to the whole of your being and into the world.



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