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Karma Healing Meditation

Audio-recording of Unit 6 - The Sacral Chakra - Master Your Energy E-course

In this meditation you will heal and transform a karmic pattern that is holding you back in your life right now. Choose an area of your life where you are experiencing difficult feelings. We are going to clear a negative emotional pattern and restore your essential state of happiness, peace and harmony.

Tune into the difficult situation where you are experiencing heavy feelings. Notice what is happening and how you are feeling. Ask yourself has this pattern happened before in your life? Karma is a pattern that repeats itself in time.

Meditation Script

Connect to your breath. Move your attention to your inner body. Follow your breath until it becomes slow and conscious. Observe your in-breath and out-breath, your belly rising and lowering and relax.

Imagine going in a place in nature and finding an ancient magical tree. Sit by the tree and notice how you are shifting into another dimension, a sacred space of stillness and magic.

A nature spirit guide is coming to you. Maybe a power animal, even a mythical one, or a water deva, or a fairy. Feel the energetic bond with the nature spirit, become one with its energy. The nature spirit is now going to take you into the underworld through the roots of the tree. You are going down and down and down into the earth until you arrive into an enchanted landscape, maybe a magical wood, a beautiful garden, a sacred temple, it could be anything.

In this landscape you are meeting a wise Master. Feel his-her presence. The master wants to show you something and a screen is opening in front of you. He-She wants to show you a past life of harmony, where you have been whole and happy, in the area you have chosen to work on.

You may be still experiencing sadness or pain or tension inside, but trust and open to experience this journey to a time when you were happy and joyful and creative, and you felt nothing was missing in your life. Forget about your pain and allow yourself to be absorbed in the scene. Go through any resistance and connect to the original state of happiness, wholeness and harmony. Maybe you are also meeting people that are in your life now. This is a time where you were living fully your dreams. Remember the feeling. Embody it fully.

Now the Master wants to show you a scene in the timeline of your Soul journey, when you lost this state. A time of falling from grace, when you experienced suffering, challenges or contraction. Imagine the master is opening another screen in front of you. Maybe you are seeing the continuation of the same life-time or maybe another life-time or maybe more than one, where you lost your original feeling of harmony. You are always in the aura of the master and you remain detached, observing and staying open to your feelings but without being overwhelmed.

Observe what is happening, how you are behaving, notice how you are feeling. Notice if there is a core thought. Notice the core feeling. Notice where the tension is in the body. What is the core pattern, that you are still repeating in your life now. What is the core wounding and how are you reacting. Which decisions are you making, which core belief is imprinted in you psyche, you may even have made a vow.

Notice especially what happened to the energy in your body, maybe you contracted, maybe you withdrew, maybe there is a hole in your body, maybe you are entangled. Somehow energetically you lost connection to a part of your Soul, notice how it happens in the body.

Ask yourself what the lesson is, what are you learning, what is the gift of this experience. Decide you are ready to change, that you have learnt your lessons and you want to let go of your past, jumping off this karmic current of energy moving you through life.

Ask the Master for healing and intend to release your past karma.

1. Release the wounding, all feelings connected to it. Karma is lodged as emotions in the body. Open and let go. Connect to your body, your pain body, allow yourself to open to all feelings and let go of them. Feel the master helping you.

2. Let go of energy entanglements, allow the Master to clear any negative thread or knot in your body, maybe you need to let go of other people energy in your body, maybe you need to cut energetic chords to people, places, projects. Check and seal any openings in your aura. You may visualize colors like the violet flame or crystals absorbing negativity. Ask that your energy body be cleared. Open yourself as a clear channel for your Soul to come through.

3. Let go of the core belief, of decision you made, of the vows or contracts you may have agreed to. Clear all the programming connected, all the software around the core belief or vow or contract, from any life-times and dimension of your Soul. Ask that this be done.

4. Recall your original state of happiness and harmony. Ask the Master for help to reconnect you with your Soul, to restore the original blueprint. Call your Soul back home. Ask the Master for help, maybe he is blowing your essence back in your heart or maybe he is filling you with light. Really your Soul never left you, it has always been with you and always will be. You have just removed what was in the way for you to access your wholeness. Feel yourself opening to the energy of your Soul flowing through you and know you are this Presence.

5. Remind yourself what is the learning, what is the gift. Ask the Master for help. It may come as a symbol or a message. This gift will help you make a new choice, a new commitment for your future. You are changing the trajectory of your karmic current. With your new choice you are creating a new future. What is your new choice? You are starting anew, the past is behind and you are transmitting a new vibration to the world around you.

6. Go back now to your life as it is now. It may help if you go back to the magical tree where you started your journey, with the Master and nature spirit. Filled with the new positive state of harmony, what would you do differently? Assert your new intentions, see yourself behaving in a new way. You may need to leave people or situations, in love, as they don’t match your vibration anymore. Feel yourself moving in your life from a stronger state of presence. Create an affirmation for the new positive state. What is your new commitment, one that comes from the gift of your learning, from your precious life experience.



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