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I am Magical Child Meditation

Audio-recording of Unit 6 - The Sacral Chakra - Master Your Energy E-course

In the aware space of your True Self you will connect with the joyful energy of your Magical Child. As a small sun, a spark of light, emerging from the luminous field, your Divine Child is eternal, ever present and unchanging in its essence. This playful and alive state of being is always accessible to you, inspiring your creativity and wonder for all existence.

Meditation Script

1. Sit in a space of light and focus on the breath. Feel yourself as the aware presence in your experience. Allow all inner thoughts and feelings and sensations in the body. Extend your awareness to the space around. Breathe as spaciousness and awareness. Allow the deep peace of your nature to arise from deep within. Allow the luminosity of your breathing to relax and soften any tension in your body-mind. Sit in your sanctuary of peace, in the knowing this is your true nature, you are that eternal infinite peace.

2. In the vast sea of peace and light you notice a light being coming towards you. We are imagining the personification of your Higher Self. This luminous being is holding a spark of light in her hands, a little star, a small sun representing your divine magical child. Feel this light being placed in your heart and notice a stirring, a movement of life, a twirl of energy and light that wants to be born from inside. Feel the motion of a sense of joy and aliveness, something wants to come out to play. Feel this bundle of playful energy emerging and forming into a small being of light, a new born baby. Your divine magical child.

3. Feel the sensations and feelings in your body as if it were the first time. It is the first time, you have no memories, no images, you cannot put any label to your experience of existing, pure being, breathing and feeling energy moving in your body. You are lively, curious and attentive, aware.

4. Recognize now how this aware aliveness and joy has always been with you, when you were small and along all your life. This magical child awareness was always there with you and always will be. Allow memories to surface of your ever existing magical child, who is open to experience, always curious, always in wonder and in love with life. The magical child is there now and was there since the beginning, untouched, same feeling, same being. Joyful, playful. Divine spark of eternal awareness and joy of living.

5. If memories arise that caused you distress or difficult emotions as a child, just allow them, allow your feelings and let them go, they cannot last as they don’t belong to your true nature, which is pure, uncontaminated, eternal, immutable. Nothing can really hurt you, your core of joy is untouchable. Notice how the emotion is fading by the act of allowing it. Let it flow and be released out of your body with your breath. Connect to the space of high vibration of your True Self and your Magical Child.

6. You know your magical child, you know its essence. Allow memories of your friends, other magical children. Remember how you like dancing, running, climbing, breathing fresh cold air, the colors of nature, the woods and the sea, furry animals, adventures, the taste of your favorite foods.

7. If feelings arise just allow them and keep intending to open, to merge with the energy of your magical child. Become one with your Divine child. Feel its energy entering your body. Open, open, receive the luminosity and joy of your divine child essence in your whole body, in every part of it.

8. Feel your magical child joy and its playfulness and pleasure. She is bold and adventurous. What does she want to do for her bliss, for her pleasure? Maybe paint or dance or swim or make love. Absorb her contagious joy, follow her in any action she wants to take. The spark of the magical child lives within you also as an adult. As an adult, ask your child what does she want to play with, what does she want to create in your life right now. Feel her passion, her sensual erotic love for life, expressed with colors, textures, music, food, sensual connections, all joyful creative art. The erotic energy of engaging with life fully. The intimate connection with life in every form.

9. Make a promise to your magical Child self: I will always honor you precious one, I will always love you unconditionally, as you are my joyful Starchild, full of wonder, pure essence of love. Magical and powerful, courageous and wild, sparkling essence of mystery, blueprint of pure divinity. Precious Magical Starchild I know you are never separate from me, we are one light, one love. Nobody or anything can hurt you, judge or reject you. No negative thoughts, emotions and energies can touch you, as you belong to my heart, to my sacred centre of light, as divine presence. You are perfect as you are.

10. Now feel your body again as a new born baby. And nest, curl up in a little ball of light. Feel your heartbeat and rest. You are held and protected. You live in the light of your true Self, the bigger space of awareness, the eternal sea of light, which is your sanctuary of peace. You are surrounded by protective light, the same light you originate from. You are One with your True Self, with the sea of peace containing you. You are of the same essence, aware, eternal and infinite. Nothing can disturb you or hurt you when you live in this knowing, that you are a spark of light at one with the immense luminous field. Your magical child essence is divine, eternal and unchanging. You may want to put your hands on your heart. Feel the diamond light crystal shining in you centre. Make it a meditation in your daily life to connect to your divine child crystal diamond light.




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