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Family of Light

I have just come back from an amazing Life Alignment retreat with Jeff Levin.

Energy medicine is really the future!

And what I want to share specifically is my personal experience with the Family of Light.

I have always believed that we are not alone.

I remember countless rituals invoking gods, goddesses or archetypal elemental energies; or meditations connecting with angels, masters and other light beings.

As a daughter of a surgeon and from an atheist background, a part of my mind has always thought that I must be slightly mad.

Conscious connection to higher dimensional beings, in fact, doesn’t happen with the mind. It happens by transmission.

During the retreat, by letting go of my fear, I literally opened my energy field and felt these luminous friends merge with my body, transmitting immense love, joy, and power.

By connecting to our family of light we enter a higher field of consciousness, a sea of love where we are all connected and together we can sing a song of joy and bliss!

We are all doing this anyway; it’s the Earth 2012 Ascension Process. All resistance is futile!

unlock our pain and fear, release our low vibration emotions and structures. We need to be a clear channel to receive the transmission of our family of light.

The good news is that in the surrender we always remain in charge!

We always have choice. We are co-creators with Spirit. We choose our path and our pace. Our luminous friends know this law of the universe, and respect our free will and individuality.

If there is chaos and confusion all around, we can connect at a vertical level and ask for help. We will access healing and keep our individuality, and most of all we will become stronger by feeling the power of Oneness.




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