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Emotional Flow Meditation

Audio-recording of Unit 6 - The Sacral Chakra - Master Your Energy E-course

In this meditation you are going to connect to the element of water to entrain its qualities of flow and regeneration. You will create a state of openness and fluidity, of lighter emotional vibration. You can use the meditation to uplift your emotions in general or by focusing on a particular area, such as relationships, work and money, or spiritual growth.

Meditation Script

In sacred space, allow your breath to slow down, feel your sacred space, you are safe there, connect to stillness and deep being. Breathe in and open, breathe out and release. Allow the breath to become shallower and softer, until you barely notice it. Breathe from your belly and follow each breath with you attention. Connect to your deep being and to the stillness inside. In this stillness allow everything to be as it.

Connect to the stillness of water in nature, find a body of water that evokes this quality, a lake, a beach with a calm sea, or the deep ocean. Embody the feeling quality of stillness. Breathe it in, become the still surface of water, become the silence of deep waters, in the ocean or in ancient mountain lakes. Feel that in this silence and stillness you are aware, present and in your centre. In this stillness allow everything to be as it.

Breathe now the energy up your body. Breathe in from your legs up into your body and on the outbreath open your root chakra. Breathe the energy up into your body and in your belly. Breathe it in from your roots into your belly. Breathe in and on the outbreath feel the relaxation and the expansion. Open, relax, surrender. Let the energy rise up in your belly and on the outbreath expand it outwards, sideways, in ripples, like water. Keep breathing the energy up and expanding it outwards in the vast field. Connect to the openness of water. Open the whole of your body.

Now imagine flow, imagine sitting in front a river or a stream, you are very still like a sage, you are open and expanded, and you are observing the water flowing in front of you. Water is flowing continuously, never the same in each spot, always the same essence flowing.

Enter the river now, become the flow, relax into it, feel the pleasure of surrendering. In the flow open to life fully, embrace the life flow. In life everything flows, things, people, places, everything is born, lives and dies, everything changes all the time, also in your body, cells form and die and in your mind thoughts and feelings come and go.

Sit still and breathe slowly, stay open and expanded notice what happens within you, notice thoughts, feelings, images, memories, future expectations. They all come and go. They appear and they are gone. Don’t hold on to them, let them go. What do you need to let go right now? Maybe you want to focus on a particular area of your life. Notice if there is contraction or tension in the body. Notice any feelings or thoughts, and let them go, allow everything, resist nothing. And release, release, surrender everything to the flow.

I allow the life force to flow through me unrestricted, I trust and open to the life force. I let go of anything that alters the natural flow of the life force, in general or in the particular chosen area.

The flow also nourishes you and cleanses you. Water nourishes, cleanses and heals you. Imagine waterfalls or rainfalls, clean pure water, nourishing and cleansing you. Allow water to flow through your body, to cleanse you deeply, water rising up your body and cleansing and nourishing you deeply. Receive, open, and release. Breathe in and up your body, breathe out and release out of your crown. Breathe in and receive, breathe out and release. Feel the cleansing and the overflow of energy, the deep release. I breathe in and open. I breath out and release. Release the tension in the body.

In this state of fluidity and receptiveness, what do you want to experience, what do you desire? Which adventures, which feelings and sensations, which dance do you want to perform? Which qualities of being are you receiving? Are you breathing in, are you opening to, are you embodying and becoming? What do you need right now? Let yourself go and dance your desires. What makes you light, joyful, vibrant, alive, in wonder? Feel your desires flowering from within.

I breathe in and I open to life, I breathe out and I overflow with life. Imagine what you want to feel: joy, passion, vibrancy, color, sound, vitality. I breathe in and I open to joy, I breathe out and I radiate joy. I breathe in love and I breath out and overflow love. I breathe in abundance and I breath out and radiate abundance.

This is the magnetic energy of your sacral chakra, feel its energy in the belly radiating out into your body and in the field. It is so pure and radiant, imagine orange filling it and gold and rose pink, an energy of joy, of ecstatic desire, of beauty, of abundance, of garden of Eden, of sweetness, of sensuality and love. You are in a flow of abundance and desire and love for life.

You are magnetizing this energy and radiating it out, breathing in and out of the field of light. Your whole being is resonating with it. And your radiance is transmitted all around you and is attracting even more of it.

Feel this energy of life and passion and desire radiating in your life, in your relationships, at work, with friends and the environment around you. Feel the full power of this life force energy.

I breathe in and I open to life, I breathe out and I am life.

Come back now to your own grounding. Feel your roots and your body. Breathe the energy down into your body and anchor it in the earth. Keep focusing on your breathing, in and out, soft, slow, light as a feather. Become stillness once more. Stillness of deep being.




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