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Elements meditation

Audio-recording of Master Your Energy E-course: Unit 3 - The energy of chakras.

Experience in this meditation how it feels like to embody the energy of each element. Becoming one with the vibrancy of nature empowers us with vitality and joy.

The correlation between the elements and the chakras originates in the ancient Vedas and is maintained in modern New Age. Experience directly how it feels to embody the elements, becoming one with the vibrant and joyful energy of nature.


Be either sitting with erect spine or lying down

Relax and focus on your breath. Breathe in from the nose and out of the mouth. Then breathe normally from your nose. Long slow inbreath, long slow outbreath

Breathe the Currents up and down the spine

With the inbreath the energy rises up the spine; with the outbreath the energy descends the spine. Do this for a few times

Breathing in – energy flows up

Breathing out – energy flows down

Extend your focus to the core of the earth and your soul star. Anchor there

Breathing in– energy flows up from the earth core

Breathing out – energy flows down from the soul star

Drop the attention into your belly

Breathe into your belly. Breathing in expanding your belly

Breathing out pushing your belly in towards the spine

Feel into your body and discharge any tension upwards, out of your upper body and crown

Breathe in your belly and on the outbreath push any tension up your spin and out of your upper body and crown


Now relax and connect to your body, your inner body, each part of it

And feel the element of Earth

Breathe in the energy of the earth into your body

Your physical body is the earth element. It belongs to the earth

Breathe the energy of the earth into your whole body

Connect especially to your legs and your pelvic area

Breathe the energy of the earth up your roots and legs into your pelvis

Open the lotus of the root chakra

Be aware of your whole body. You may want to imagine you are standing or sitting in a place in nature. On a meadow, in a wood or anywhere you like in a natural landscape

Feel your whole body connecting with the earth. Breathe at one with the earth below and the whole landscape around

Breathe and fill your body with the energy of the earth. Breathe in the flowers and the trees, the hills, the land and the mountain. Breathe in the valleys, the fields and all the animals

Feel the pulse of the earth, feel its deep vibration, feel the peace, breathe in its stillness, breathe in its nourishing energy. Expand and breathe at unison with the breath of the earth

If there is any tension or pain just breathe and release the tension out

Choose to feel held, safe and nourished. Trust

Your body is made of the same elements of the earth, you are an earthling, you have a right to be here, you belong to the earth

The earth gives you everything you need, like a mother you are safe and protected. You are loved unconditionally. You feel safe, held and nourished in your body

The earth is holding you, you are strong rooted like a big tree

Breathe up the energy from the earth in your legs and belly and spread it to your whole body

Know you are held, you are loved, you belong, you have a right to be here, joyful in your body

Feel you are at one with the earth. You are safe


Now that you feel safe and rooted you can let yourself go and feel the Water element

Breathe up and allow the energy to rise into your belly

Breathe the energy up and open the lotus of your sacral chakra

Breathe up and expand your energy sideways like water ripples, expand into movement

Raise the energy up from the earth and breathe it outwards into expansion

Feel the element of water as it comes to you

Breathe in and feel water

Water as sea or lake, maybe you are swimming in them, maybe diving deep

Water refreshing or cleansing as waterfalls or as rain

Water as the river always there and always changing, forever flowing

Water as the nourishing waters of the living womb

Open and embody water as it comes to you

Breathe in and become one with water

Water is flow, movement and change

Water is nourishment. Water is cleansing

Water is deep letting go

Water is playfulness

Water that brings abundance and life

Embody the quality you need:

Do you need to dive deeply into the depth of your inner self, like in the depth of the oceans

Do you need playfulness and movement, like playing on the beach

Do you need cleansing like in a waterfall or

Do you need the nourishment and warmth of a mother’s womb.

Do you need flow, letting go and surrender, like being in a river

Feel and embody what you need from the water element

Breathe and fill your body with its essence


Now that you have felt the earth and played with water

Come out in the sunshine

Come and breathe in the sun energy. Connect to the fire element.

Bathe in sun’s warmth, feel the sun on your skin and in your body

Let it fill your body, warm it up and enliven you

Open and receive the fire element in your mind body and soul

Breathe the fire from the earth core up your roots into your body, warming your belly.

Breathe the warm vital kundalini up to your solar plexus

Open the lotus of the solar plexus chakra

Let the fire give you energy

Let the fire burn all your tensions and fears. Burning all pain

Breathe the energy from the earth up your belly into your solar plexus

Your solar plexus is opening like a sun

Expand your inner sun to enjoy its warmth and to feel passion and vitality

Fire burning all that is unnecessary, fire of transformation

Burning what is redundant, all tensions and rigidities

Fire giving life and energy, for strength and action

Fire giving you power

Fire teaching you to focus and act swiftly

Fire giving you light, warmth and joy

Breathe in and embody fire

What quality to do you need in particular

Is it transformation, feel fire burning all your pain and tension

Is it vitality and energy, fill yourself with it

Is it passion and pleasure, embody them, embody their warmth

Feel the sun shining from within

Feel you are strong and confident from this solar centre of your body

Feel the power of your solar centre


Direct your attention now to your breath, breathe deeply and slowly

Air is the element we are now focusing on

Breathe the energy up from your roots into your belly and up to your chest and open it

Breathe the energy up from your root and open the lotus of your heart chakra

Breathe up and open your upper body like a flower

Imagine stretching your arms into the sky

And breathe and let air in, deeply receive

Breathe deeply in your chest and receive

Air is connected to breath and receiving deeply

We open to receive, to receive the breath of life into our being

Air is receiving the breath of life, receiving your Soul in your body

Imagine being in nature and breathing in fresh clean air, breath in pure air

Maybe its slightly windy and the wind is clearing your body and mind

Allow this wind cleansing

You feel air is cleansing your being, you become clear and perceptive in your mind

Fresh pure air entering your nostrils and your lungs and clearing your mind sharply

And in the wind you hear birds flying and making birds’ noises

Imagine you are flying like a bird

You are spreading your wings, enjoying lightness and freedom

You are also soaring high like an eagle

Air is flying high, enjoying your vision from high above, with higher perspective

What quality of air do you need mostly?

Receiving deeply the breath of life

Clarity of mind, like breathing in fresh and clean air

Freedom like spreading your wings in the sky

High vision and perspective like soaring high above

Feel how it feels like when embrace the quality you choose. Feel the power of air.

Breathe and be one with Air


Now take a deep inbreath from the core of the earth, up your body into your heart

Breathe in and open your upper body like a flower

Release any tension or pain or constriction on the outbreath, out of your upper body and crown.

Breathe and expand even more, upwards and sideways in space

We are opening and expanding into ether, into the vastness of space

Breathe the energy up and open the lotus of your throat chakra

Feel the expansion like vibrational ripples

Breathe, open and expand from the heart into the field of silence and sound vibrations

Feel yourself expanding outwardly into the universal field. Feel the vibrational ripples of the infinite space around

You can receive from the field and transmit to it. Use your breath. Breath in and receive, breathe out and transmit

Ether surrounds all things in the universe. It holds everything together. It surrounds your body, the earth, the planets and the stars

Feel your grounding below and your connection to space

Breathe the energy up your body from the earth, release all tension upwards and open into the field. Feel rooted and open

Feel connected to your body, to the earth and to space all around

Now call the Soul into your body and centre

Connect to your Soul star above

Allow all the energy of your Soul to descend into your body

Feel it descending from your Soul star into your body and ground into the earth

Discharge any tension or resistance into the earth

Feel your self-anchored to the earth and to your soul above

Feel you centre in the heart, sit there now, in your sacred space

Centered in your heart, anchored to the earth and connected to your Soul

You are peaceful, you are safe, you are connected

You are present in your body and in the whole field of creation



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