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Self at Heart meditations - A skill for Joy

Self at Heart.

Series of short blogs and meditations to explore the art of Connection to Self.


Presence restores our natural state of joy.

Imagine for a moment being happy for no reasons, the heart is soft and open, you have no desire for anything. You are joyful and carefree. Everything is beautiful around, the colours and sounds in nature, all the different people, the objects in the room, the sky, the sun, even the rain, everything is fascinating, as if seen for the first time.

The archetypes of the fool, the magical child, the innocent adolescent and the serene elder are all examples of that joyful, enchanted, in wonder, serene and relaxed state of being that you may feel when you have no expectations and no agenda, when the world of tension, suffering and struggle is far away, and you are open to celebrate, experience with ease, play and be inspired.

There is only the present moment. You notice your breathing and your senses are acutely alert. You are awareness. Reality is what it is. The mind doesn’t interfere with the experience, it doesn’t interpret, define or filter with any thought or memory. You are the observer. Gratitude flows easily through you, as you move slowly, step by step into the unknown, with curiosity and trust.

Living moment to moment, with intense attention to everything we do or perceive, restores our natural state of joy. In mindfulness presence we forget about that constant inner self talk that causes so much stress and suffering, we are anchored in the body, our Soul acutely aware and fully participating with life.

Joy is a vibration that cannot be induced, we access a state of joy rather than pursue it. The same act of searching for happiness, of looking for objects or experiences of happiness, only causes more frustration and suffering. When we want specific things, we create filters, expectations, images and goals in our mind; and when life happens in a different way from what we expected, we experience emotional, mental and physical stress.

The world of samsara, the river of life, is fast and full of stimulations, like our modern society is, with so much information, so many objects to consume, so many things to do and events to attend. And there is nothing wrong about experiencing life, unless we are in a state of suffering, frustration or tension of any kind. Then the present moment is not enough, or we are not enough because we are disconnected from our naturally joyful and peaceful Self.

In my experience and in traditions such as yoga, mindfulness and many more, one simple way to reconnect to your joy and serenity is working with the awareness of the body and the breath.

Try this meditation to connect to your state of Joy.

Find a comfortable position, sitting or lying

Where you can be relaxed yet alert

Connect with your breath

Breathe slowly and consciously

Follow your breath in its full length

Inhalation and exhalation

Releasing tension on the outbreath

Notice how the breath moves in your body

Feel your body from the inside

Sense your presence in the whole of your body

Send your attention to the sole of your feet, along your legs, in your hips and belly, in your chest, arms and hands. In the head sense your eyes, ears, cheeks, mouth, hair and skull

Sense your breath in the body, in your chest and in your abdomen

Keep focussing your attention in the inner body

Observe any physical sensations

Cold or warm, tingling or smooth, tense or relaxed

Only observe and notice, with no judgement

Which parts of your body do you feel more and which less

Which parts of your body are in tension and which ones are relaxed

When emotions arise just notice them

When thoughts arise just acknowledge them

Allow any sensations, feelings and thoughts

Keep going back to your slow conscious breathing

Find now a place that feels good, with pleasant sensations

Notice where in your body you feel relaxed and peaceful

This place may be your feet and legs, or your belly, or your heart or your third eye

You may notice warmth or softness there

You may feel steady, serene, at ease

Notice how good it feels, how steady and strong you are there

Abide there, anchor your presence there with your breath

If tension happens in you body, feelings or thoughts

Breathe through the tensions

Stay anchored in you place of wellbeing

Allow any tension to melt with your breath

Allow any feelings or thoughts to flow out of your being

Energy is intelligent and always entrains your body into harmony

Your body starts feeling relaxed now as a whole

Wellbeing is expanding to the whole of your body

You are now feeling relaxed, peaceful and serene.

From this state imagine now how joyful feels for you

In your everyday life notice how joyful feels for you

May be you are in nature or doing some creative activity

Maybe you are with people, or with particular beloved one

Notice how you feel in your body, maybe your heart feels open and expanded

Notice how you feel and your attitude

Maybe you are curious, in wonder, playful, adventurous

Maybe you are light, soft, flowing moment to moment, receptive, breathing deeply.

Anchor this feeling of joy in your body

Maybe in your heart or elsewhere

Use your breath, one breath after the other

Anchor this feeling of joy in your body

When you come back slowly intend to bring this state of joy in your day ahead and in your life.




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