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Crown Chakra Experiencing the Absolute

The best way to know about the chakras is through experience, by learning to feel them in our body and understanding them in our own awareness.

In the autumn I have attended a residential Crown Chakra workshop with Jeff Levin, creator of the Life Alignment system. It has been an intense experience and the following is what I learnt.

Working consciously with the Crown chakra opens the way to Self-Mastery. Self-Mastery is over the Ego Mind that blocks our connection to Source, and we are all on an ongoing journey towards surrendering to our Divine Self. The crown chakra is a place of Truth, where the mind as the Saboteur, the Inner Critic and the Rationalist, or set in other patterns blocking our connection to Higher Self, is revealed and released.

Some of these patterns have been lasting for a life-time. One of mine, for example, is the need to be seen and recognised. This pattern drives my behaviour, as I try to impress others and prove my worth. These mind habits drive us like puppets and, at times, they can be like demons, torturing us with anxious thoughts. We need to chase them out, with powerful conscious command! It’s was so liberating to let go of my attitude. With no need to be acknowledged, I can just be myself, in a state of peace and inner connection.

When the negative mind grips the energy body, it creates physical tension and stress. The only way is to observe our thoughts and go through their grip, until all tension is released. The crown chakra is the place of the Observer. By observing the ego mind, we can go through and beyond the pain it has caused us, and return to our natural connection to Source.

From an energy perspective a balanced crown chakra is then free to receive the light of consciousness descending into the body. The image is one of the flower: roots breathing up energy from the earth and the flower opening to receive the light of the sun. The feminine earth surrenders and receives the masculine sky consciousness, to birth creation.

A pattern of mine, embedded in my cellular memory, is the difficulty to receive. Somewhere in my Soul I have been hurt by masculine energy and my feminine self finds it difficult to open.

We don’t receive as we have been hurt or rejected. It is painful to open. However when the pain comes out, then it comes liberation and the way is open to receive.

Since I have released my anger towards men and my pain towards absent father figures I was able to recognise the vast kind masculine presence in my life. Beautiful kind men everywhere: in my family, at work, in art, politics and music.

Often we try and receive from other human beings: unconditional love, holding, and safety. Instead we need to go vertical, access these qualities from spirit directly. The downpour of energy from our Soul and from Source is called Manifestation current.

The inspiration comes from the natural world: for life on Earth to be possible we need the life giving energy of the Sun. In meditation the sun told me: ‘I need you to receive me, to be able to create and manifest’.

Eckart Tolle calls this the flowering of human consciousness and tells us that, whilst in the past it was happening only to few humans, now it is happening to more and more people.

The manifestation current needs a solid grounding in the body. The roots need to be strong and healthy to be able to receive the sun light. When the lower chakras are blocked the energy gets congested above, resulting in a lot of mental and spiritual activity but little manifestation. Healing my root chakra has always been my biggest spiritual challenge. Learning to feel safe and secure in the world, to accept and love my body, to relax in the material limitations of life, have taught me a deep sense of trust. Trusting and surrendering to receive spirit in the body.

Other issues can block the descent of energy in the body, like emotional blocks in the second chakra or identity crises in the third chakra, and more. Healing is then necessary to allow the manifesting current, as these patterns keep us in a bondage of closure and suffering. Their tense thoughts, feelings and behaviours, when observed with detached truth and released energetically, can make space to a much vaster dimension of being, a calm and peaceful inner sea.

In the workshop we learnt that one ingredient can help us with this mission: proactivity. We are proactive and make space to meditate, to be mindful, to slow down and to connect to the divine force that guides us. We set a strong intention of healing anything in the way to connect to spirit. Creating an inner state of high vibration is our responsibility.

The affirmation dowsed by Jeff at the end of the workshop was: “We nourish with reverence our connection to our sacred temple”

Keeping our inner temple in clear connection to Spirit is a choice of self-love and love for others, as we shine our light wide into the world.




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