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At the Centre of your Being

I started writing this blog in the spring of 2016, before moving back to Italy the following July. Little did I know I had to apply fully what I wrote about, to be able to go through this very stressful time.

Indeed the main news is this: I left much loved England to set up residency in Milan, to care for my father and to follow my Soul calling me back home. I sold my flat, left my day-job and parted from friends, family and colleagues in England.

With no anchors and little possessions I set sail into an unchartered phase of my life and the whole process has not been easy. I had to keep a firm focus on organizing everything, whilst handling strong emotions, such as anxiety, fear and grief for separation, with my past continuously coming up to be assessed in a sort of recapitulation.

After moving, whilst settling down and resting, I realized that staying at the centre of my being has been very useful in the midst of this upheaval.

The core technique is about being centred in the heart. And it is not a sentimental one. It is highly practical, scientific and spiritual.

The celtic shamans call it ‘Dropped attention’: whenever you can drop the attention into your body, at the centre of your chest.

In practice let’s try this.

Put your attention at the centre of your chest and breathe in and out from there.

Keep the attention at the centre of your heart chakra and at the same time imagine a field around you. Your core is a point of light, your field is a cocoon all around.

Keep breathing in and out from the centre of your chest.

You may experience your centre as a dot of light or a ball or a shining star or a well pouring out light. Experience your core in your own way, as wide or small as it happens for you in the moment.

Your full attention is on the chest, and the core is a concentrated energy, like a ball of light, anchoring you at the centre.

At the same time your focus is also diffused. Whilst breathing at the centre, extend your perceptions to the rest of your body. Feel your solar plexus, your belly, your legs, your arms and upper body and head. Then extend your awareness outward, like a cocoon, connect with what is happening all around, feel the landscape, the noises in the background, the wind and the sky and the earth below. Hold the centre and expand your cocoon to include a vast field of awareness.

What science says.

The centre is a state that science and energy medicine recognize in many forms.

The famous Big Bang theory tells us that the whole universe was born out of a single dot of light, expanded in a big explosion. Recently science has verified the existence of an infinite number of black holes/quasars. These are gravitational centres to be found in each galaxy, anchoring the galaxy at its core and absorbing and creating energy.

The Earth has a heart centre, possibly a metal core with liquid fire spinning all around.

The Torus, the measurable electromagnetic field around our body and around all forms from the atoms to the earth and galaxies, spins in a concentric way.

There is a centre of the Chakra System, which is the heart chakra, with 3 chakras below connecting us to the Earth and 3 chakras above connecting us to Source.

The Merkaba our light vehicle, a tetraheadron, is a double pyramid of light connecting us to Source above and to the Earth below and we sit at its centre.

More for your practice:

Drop your attention to the centre of your chest.

Now imagine a chord of light connecting your crown directly to your Soul and Source, anchoring you there. At the same time feel a root of energy, connecting your hara (in your lower belly) to the Earth centre.

Energy is running through a central column of light along your spine, connecting you above and below. Allow your experience, light energy is intelligent and moves on its own, you only need to notice its flow.

From the point of light in your centre, the light will also expand in a wide cocoon all around.

The anchors to your Soul above and to the Earth centre below will make you more stable.

From a spiritual point of view.

Being at the centre is a high vibrational state of consciousness with many benefits:

Connection to your own intuition and feelings.

As your focus is directed inwardly, you are always in touch with the inner environment where you receive all answers. Your soul talks to you there and you are also more aware of the body and its instinctual perceptions. At the core you know who you are, you know your desires and needs, your soul-fired longings and your unconscious drives.

When you are centred at the core you will also open more to your feelings. These will guide you but at times also challenge you. My experience is that if I allow all my feelings these will find a resolution of their own. Recently I have been feeling grief at the thought of separating from my beloved ones in England. It was a constant nagging pain, not acute but uncomfortable. One night I had a dream: my pain had become a ball of grief, which suddenly shot out of my chest. The day after the feeling was gone and I was at peace.

Allow all your feelings and if they are too strong find an anchor in your hara, in your lower belly, feel the earth chording you. Keep intending to feel your emotions and to discharge them. The energy will move and re-balance on its own.

Detachment in the midst of crises.

If I am challenged by a negative situation, with emotions raging, panicky thoughts, body feeling sick I can choose to stay at the centre of the storm. I can reclaim my presence, breathing calmly in the heart, and observe the situation in a detached way. Usually I always receive inspiration and guidance.

Furthermore staying at my centre allows more power and dynamism as I can expand in the environment and be aware of opportunities and risks. I am more present to what is happening around me, as I am calm and stable. Staying at the centre gives me a sense of authority, of dominium over the environment.

At times of heavy crises you may want to retreat and make your core more like a tight cocoon where you hold yourself, maybe curled inside, allowing the storm inside and outside to pass. And the storm will always pass and you shall be in your centre again. The magnetic core has also the ability to repel what is out of harmony. My core-cocoon becomes at times very spiky, with shining electric sparks repelling what I want to keep out of my energy field. Naturally though, the more we shine out clear light the more we will repel lower negative consciousness automatically.

Connection to people

When your energy is centred you don’t lose yourself in outside situations or people, you are more laid back. You are not influenced by other people’s energies because you occupy your own space. What others do is not relevant unless it is in your own flow.

I am empathic, I feel other people’s feelings. It is hard for me as I want to connect with others but I can easily be overwhelmed. We think we need protection and insulation not to be hurt but what we need is centering and being open.

In the heart I feel more accepting and compassionate towards others, because I do not allow projections. If people around me project, throwing unpleasant words and actions at me, I choose to stay centred and observe this, observe myself in my reaction and have compassion for both.

Whatever people do, their actions and words are of less impact if you embody what you want to feel and be instead. For example you can become calm and poised when you see anger and anxiety. In your centre you do not judge but influence instead the environment from your state of being. Others will start resonating with you, you will entrain their energy, you will transmit instead of being transmitted to. When you are open and accepting people will feel it and naturally connect with you more intimately.


Being at the centre allows to deepen the level of trust in yourself and in the universe.

As the only thing you need to hold on to is your tiny little centre, you can let go of the need to control the environment around you.

Again try it for yourself: think about this dot of light in your chest and let go, expand your awareness all around, really let go and hold on only to the tiny dot, everything else, the traffic, children screaming, angry dogs, annoying colleagues, all is in the background. All your memories pass by, ancestors pass by, all your emotions and thoughts pass by, but your centre is still, never ending, never changing. All life flows, nothing stays still, we need to let go of attachments if we do not want to suffer and the centre is a good place where you can let go.

Fear will keep on coming up and we can choose to stay centred and affirm absolute trust, trust that the life force flowing through us will guide us, trust that we are not alone and that we work with cosmic energies, trust that every experience is our soul guiding us towards growth, as in our centre we are aligned with source

Service through selfishness

When your inner space is in harmony the whole universe around is in harmony. It is a big responsibility towards others. It seems selfish and paradoxical but taking care of yourself, being strong in your centre is of service to others, keeps the web in balance. You keep an anchor of high vibration for everybody. This is a big responsibility not selfishness.

A simple example if when a mother is calm, the child is calm, and this extends to other family members, friends, clients, colleagues.

I am not asking to believe me, try it yourself.

When someone around you is angry or in pain or stressed, you calm yourself, you become very still inside. When you are not in balance notice how people around react, how you transmit your stress to others, how unstable the environment becomes.

It is the principle of channeling energy or holding space instead of using and draining your personal energy in the environment.

Remember the practice!

Whenever you feel stressed and out of balance, drop the attention from your mind to your body, start breathing in and out from your chest, reclaim your still centre of light.




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