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Writing Nature Alive

Online 4 weeks course On Saturdays at 5.00-6.30 pm BST From 1 August to 22 August

Fee £75, early bird £60 until June 30

Combining writing and meditation this course gives you the opportunity to connect whole-heartedly with the natural world, let go and express freely from your authentic source to emerge with a new perspective.

Author Diane Samuels and Healer Ursula Barbieri, invite you to experience how it feels to become one with the vibrant life-enhancing energy of Nature, embodying the five elements: air, earth, fire, water and space.

This is an opportunity to commune with these essential elements and their specific qualities in order to find harmony and feel healthy in body, balanced in mind and spirit. Making time each week to tap into the energy at the source of life will nourish our vitality and self-expression connecting us with our spiritual intuition and the magical dimension of life

In this transformational inner journey, we will use techniques derived from shamanic practices and yoga, combining meditation and breath work, exploring the chakra system as a guide.

There will be solo time to tune in quietly and group time to support and share with one another. Writing exercises will include free-flow, stream of consciousness, diving deeply into words, embodying writing vocally and physically.

We hope, by opening up how we think and feel to the world and one another, we’ll allow ourselves to discover a new vision, enriching and enlivening, rebalancing our sense of belonging as part of a greater whole and rediscovering deeper aspects of our own true nature in the process.

Programme of the course:

Week 1 Earth: belonging

Learn how to feel grounded and stable. Embrace trust, self-love and love for the earth.

Week 2 Water and Fire: intensity

Dive deeply into your subconscious and transform your inner reality with the magic of fire.

Week 3 Air: commitment

Connect with the breath of life. Enjoy a clear Mind and commit to your highest vision.

Week 4 Space: power

Tap into your unique purpose and express your contribution in the world

DIANE SAMUELS has been writing plays for theatre and radio, stories, and teaching Creative Writing to all ages and levels of experience for over 30 years. She is the author of the award-winning play ‘Kindertransport’, broadcasted by BBC Radio and produced in the West End, off-Broadway and all over the world.

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