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Soul Webinars – The 8th Chakra

Friday monthly webinars At 6.00-7.30pm UTC Friday November 6: The 8th Chakra

Fee: £10 + Eventbrite fee CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Monthly webinars to investigate the science of the Soul. Information, energy healing, guided meditations and transmissions to fully embody your Soul and for self-empowerment.

Soul merge is the process of the personality surrendering to the Soul, a requisite to access the 5th dimensional level of consciousness. Although this is a natural and individual experience it can be facilitated by shared knowledge and with the use of specific technologies.

In every webinar we work in sacred space with discussions, light body techniques, inner work and group sharing, to access transformation and Soul expansion.

Next webinar: The 8th Chakra

The 8 Chakra is one of the transpersonal, out-of-body chakras, acting as a link between the Crown and the Soul Star chakra.

Through this chakra we can connect to the vast field of all akashic records, of the past, present and future, and specifically we can access all the karmic lessons of our Soul journey so far.

At the same time this chakra is the gateway to our infinite potential, where we can manifest our destiny by making new choices.

By working with the 8 chakra you clear what is holding you back karmically and raise your vibration to that zero-point space, where you step on to your next level of the ascension path.

If you are ready to let go of old karma of suffering and feeling stuck, join us in this webinar, where you will be able to embrace a rainbow field of joyful unlimited potential.



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