Session benefits

The main benefit of energy healing is accessing a state of peace and stillness inside, where we connect to our own Inner Guidance and Power. 

In my sessions I offer energy healing tools to support you in becoming highly effective and creative in each area of your life, i.e well-being, relationships, work and purpose.

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Areas of benefits

Physical, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

  • Body: Increase your vitality. Heal the energy field of organs, glands and systems for physical health

  • Emotions: Open to higher emotional states. Release anxiety, depression, stress and trauma

  • Mind: Improve mental clarity and focus. Release self-limiting beliefs and conditioning

Family and


  • Create relationships based on freedom. Release co-dependency

  • Embrace acceptance and compassion. Let go of heart-break and sorrow

  • Manifest fulfilling intimate love connections

Work, Wealth and Creativity

  • Connect to your purpose and vision. Reclaim your authority

  • Express your unique talents and creativity

  • Manifest abundance and community involvement


and Environment

  • Harmonize the relationship with your home and work place

  • Protect yourself from geopathic and electromagnetic stress 

  • Clear energy blocks in the feng-shui of the space