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Benefits of sessions

Sessions are held in Sacred Space to support you unconditionally on your journey of Self-love and Self-expression.

The main intention is for you to connect to your inner guidance and unique creativity in all areas of your life, i.e well-being, relationships, work and purpose.


Book a 30 min Free Mini session

Contact me for a consultation. You will experience the work and we can discuss possibilities.


Sessions Online and Distant Healing

Sessions Online are as effective as in person. The discussions are held in front of the screen. During the healing process the person will be guided in meditation, either sitting or lying down.

Distant Healing is done remotely without the presence of the person, with the some basic information and a signature of the person. A report is discussed in a follow up call.


 Session Online

  • Fee 75 min: £77


  Distant Healing

  • Fee: £55