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The Wheel of the Year - Meditation and Writing

Wheel Of The Year Webinars - Lughnasa Harvest Celebration

On Sunday, August 8th at 3pm to 6pm BST.


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Lughnasa Harvest Celebration

Welcome to Lammas / Lughnasa!

High summer and the grain harvest is gathered. Day is still longer than night even though the strength of the sun is gradually waning. Time to celebrate the fulness of creation and give thanks for the abundant rewards Nature gives.

The Wheel of the Year now turns to hail Celtic god, Lug, the shining one and to honour the Grain Mother who sustains, nourishes and provides continuity of life - for the present harvest holds at its heart the seeds of all future harvests too.

This workshop combines meditation and writing, playing with words and images to celebrate creatively through characters, stories, images all the fruits of our labours in whatever varied forms these may take. With a sigh of satisfaction, let's relax, relish the bounty, have some fun and cherish the delights of effortless being, just being.

The Wheel of the Year

“The combination of meditation/nature/relaxation/writing was really rather beautiful.” Pauline Harris

Tune into Nature’s ancient cycles of birth, growth, fading and death through each season. Engage more fully with your essential rhythms of continuous change and transformation. Throughout the coming year, author Diane Samuels and healer Ursula Barbieri are offering a series of half-day workshops at key points in the WHEEL OF THE YEAR.

Combining WRITING and MEDITATION, each workshop will take you on a seasonal journey to find balance between times of light and darkness and find a deeper sense of belonging to our planet Earth.

Techniques are drawn from shamanic practices, yoga, meditation and breath work. Writing exercises include free-flow, stream of consciousness, diving deeply into words, sensing our physical and emotional states to write from heart, mind and body.

There will be solo time to tune in quietly, enhancing personal awareness, as well as group time to share together.

We hope, by listening to and honouring Nature's cycles, each participant will journey within to embrace the present moment more vibrantly, develop personal practice and take more conscientious care of ourselves, each other and the planet as a whole.

“Great combination of powerful energy and beautiful calmnesss.” Manjo Hatcher “It took me to a secret place.” Julie Vallortigara

DIANE SAMUELS writing plays for theatre and radio, stories, and teaching Creative Writing to all ages and levels of experience for over 30 years. Her award-winning play, KINDERTRANSPORT, opened in 1993 at Soho Theatre in London and has been broadcast by BBC Radio, produced in the West End, off-Broadway and all over the world.

She offers daily writing prompts on Twitter @WritingBright




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