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Letting go and Intentions

Welcome to the podcast 'Conversations with Goddesses', the Feminine way of Soul Connection and Working with Energy. The podcast is run by Kasia Rutkowska-Parkes and Ursula Barbieri, expert healers and modern spiritual seekers. Short talks and meditations for Inspired Living.

The process of letting go and creating space for our intentions

Welcome to our first podcast in 2024 dedicated to welcoming the energy of the new year.

Our conversation is about creating an inner space for intentions which fulfil purest core needs in our Soul journey.

We talk about the importance of letting go in order to allow for the new to be birthed.

Letting go is a process, not a one off event, because we need to deal with our thoughts, emotions and energetic connections related to what we are releasing. There is also the need to let go of the ‘hows’, and to surrender, accept and trust the process.

When we stop resisting and release our attachments, the Soul can take over from the controlling mind and through our body wisdom, feelings and spiritual intuition show us the best way through.

At the end of the podcast we offer you a meditation which we trust will help you identify and loosen the grip of whatever you want to let go of, and connect to the core needs you want to fulfil.Meditation starts at 17:30 min



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