Healing tools

In my sessions I offer a variety of Healing tools in the field of energy healing to support personal transformation and harmonization of spaces and businesses.

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In my personal journey I have met many wonderful teachers who shared their wisdom and many useful methods. Find below a brief outline of the systems I have trained in, and the list of my qualifications.  

Kriya Yoga

  • Use of Breath to focus attention and still the mind
  • Use of Awareness to master detachment
  • Use of Meditation to expand consciousness

Life Alignment

  • Maps of Body points for organs, glands and systems
  • Maps of Chakras, minor chakras, subtle bodies and other light body points
  • Use of Kinesiology and dowsing to gather and test information
  • Use of Lists of Patterns to research and shift energy blocks
  • Use of Vortex technology to support the healing

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Core Shamanism, Inka shamanism, Celtic shamanism

  • Technique of the Journey to Non-ordinary reality
  • Mapping of the Non-ordinary reality
  • Connection to universal Archetypal energies
  • Assistance of Spirit helpers
  • Soul Retrieval & Destiny Retrieval
  • Karma and Ancestral healing

Healing the Light Body training

Techniques to perceive the vibrational Energy centres of the Lightbody

Cognitive Techniques

NLP, Counselling and other Personal Development methods.


About Ursula Barbieri: Qualifications And Training 

Kriya yoga - Inner Engineering and Shoonya - Isha foundation
Life Alignment Practitioner and Teacher - Life Alignment International 
Shamanic Healer - Inka shamanism - The Four Winds Society 
Shamanic Counsellor - Core shamanism - The Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies 
Reclaiming Wicca training - Celtic shamanism by Starhawk 
Awakening the Light Body Training - Orin and Daben 
Spiritual Response Therapy - Advanced level 
Theta Healing - Advanced level 
Reiki and Sekhem - Level 2 
Energetic NLP - Level 2 
NLP Business Practitioner 
DeMartini - The Break-through experience 
Insight Seminars - Level 3 
Counselling Skills Certificate - Mary Ward Centre, London 
First Class Business Management Degree, Milan