Mastering our energy is the ability to embody high states of vitality, joy and creative self-expression.

Inner Power describes the state of allowing the intelligent energy of the universe to flow through us, in order to create the life we want.

By mastering our energy we harness our vitality, emotional stability and mental poise. We operate from a place of inner centredness, of inner power, where we respond to life effortlessly. We direct our choices towards the fulfilment of our vision and goals.

Inner power and joy are always available to us, although throughout life we can lose the magic of this connection.

I want to share my own journey of reconnection, through my events, blogs and healing work, so that it can be of inspiration and practical support for you, on your own unique path.

The realisation of our power as creators, our own divinity, is a process paved with challenges and can be supported with tools and techniques from ancient and modern spiritual systems.

We co-create our reality with the universal Life Force (Source, Chi, God) and we are mastering the art of being leaders in our life, joyfully expressing our unique signature in the world.

Of great value and meaning to me are these simple words from a teacher of mine: You are this Power!

This is not about being superhuman – this is about realizing that being human is super!
- Sadhguru