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Life Alignment System

In my sessions I work with a variety of Healing tools within the framework of the Life Alignment Energy healing system.

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What is life alignment

Life Alignmentis is an energy healing system that addresses:

  • Personal Healing – Body Alignment

  • Space Clearing – Home Alignment

  • Life Purpose and Business – Organisation Alignment

The system is supported by a specific vibrational technology:


  • Vortex technology


Body Alignment

With a focus on your specific intentions, Life Alignment works with the energy body where we find the imprints of all those unresolved experiences and negative conditionings blocking our vision and purpose.

Life Alignment techniques help identifying the stories and patterns which are at the root causes of our emotional, mental and physical imbalances. The energy blocks involved are then rebalanced through specific gateways connected to physical systems, subtle bodies, chakras and minor chakras.

The Higher Self of the person is directing the healing by the use of applied kinesiology and dowsing. Guided processes facilitate self-awareness, transformation and the raising of our frequency, to attract the positive qualities we want to manifest in our life.

Home Alignment

Home alignment is a process that clears the energy field of homes, workspaces or other environments, including the land they belong to.

Potential imbalances derive from electro-magnetic stress, such as Wi-Fi, high tension wires or underground trains. Other imbalances may derive from geopathic stress, such as underground streams, pipes, cracks and caverns or negative earth grids (Hartmann, Curry, Benker, Leylines). 

In a balance we will check historical imprints, manifesting as entities, thought patterns, or other negative energy portals. 

We will track all energy blocks in the flow path of the space (Bagua), representing the relationship of the occupants to different areas of their life, such as health, career, marriage, prosperity and more.


Organisation Alignment

A business becomes successful when the people, the organization and the flow of resources and activities are aligned towards the fulfillment of its purpose. 

The first phase of the process is about individuating the mission statement and the main objectives of the business. After assessing the vitality of all structures, services and roles, we will then focus on transforming the priority negative energy patterns, by working directly or remotely with the people representing the business.

The process aims at creating collaborative relations, as well as individuating those values, skills and creative modalities, needed to fulfill its mission, in harmony with the environment.

An organizational alignment can be performed on businesses as small as a one-person project, or onto more complex organizations, as well as within specific departments or areas of a company.

Vortex Technology

Vortex technology uses potentized magnetic cards to help with the healing and protection of people and environments. Each card has its own signature and frequency. There are, for example,the air, fire, water and earth cards and more, helping with clearing the environment or the presence, trust and receptivity cards and more, anchoring specific qualities of consciousness. There are the Body Spin cards for clearing energy centres and sets of cards to hold a safe and sacred space for the healing processes. The cards are used on specific body points, on healing patterns and in spaces to support the transformation of negative frequencies.

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