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Healing tools

In my sessions I offer a variety of healing tools in the field of energy healing to support personal transformation and harmonization of spaces and businesses.

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In my personal journey I have met many wonderful teachers who shared their wisdom and many useful methods. Find below a brief outline of the systems I have trained in, and the list of my qualifications. 

Healing techniques


Kriya Yoga, Advaita and Mindfulness

  • Use of Breath to focus attention and still the mind

  • Use of Awareness to master detachment

  • Use of Meditation to expand consciousness


Energy Healing

  • Maps of Body points for organs, glands and systems

  • Maps of Chakras, minor chakras, subtle bodies and other light body points 

  • Use of Kinesiology and dowsing to gather and test information

  • Use of Lists of Patterns to research and shift energy blocks 

  • Use of Vortex technology to support the healing


Core Shamanism, Inka shamanism, Celtic shamanism

  • Technique of the Journey to Non-ordinary reality

  • Mapping of the Non-ordinary reality

  • Connection to universal Archetypal energies

  • Assistance of Spirit helpers

  • Soul Retrieval & Destiny Retrieval

  • Karma and Ancestral healing


Healing the Light Body training

  • Techniques to perceive the vibrational Energy centres of the Lightbody

Cognitive Techniques


NLP, Counselling and other Personal Development methods.

About Ursula Barbieri: Qualifications And Training 

Training on Presence and Manifestation with Eckart Tolle

Bio Energy Healing training - Oisin

Mindfulness for life training - Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Rubert Spira teachings

Kriya yoga - Inner Engineering and Shoonya - Sadhguru Isha foundation 
Life Alignment Practitioner and Teacher - Life Alignment International 
Shamanic Healing - Inka shamanism - The Four Winds Society 
Shamanic Counselling - Core shamanism - The Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies 
Reclaiming Wicca training - Celtic shamanism by Starhawk 
Awakening the Light Body Training - Orin and Daben 
Spiritual Response Therapy - Advanced level 
Theta Healing - Advanced level 
Reiki and Sekhem - Level 2 
Energetic NLP - Level 2 
NLP Business Practitioner 
DeMartini - The Break-through experience 
Insight Seminars - Level 3 
Counselling Skills Certificate - Mary Ward Centre, London 
First Class Business Management Degree, Milan

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