Radiant Soul Love

Radiant Soul Love

Zoom Webinar on Thursday 6 February 
at 7.30-9.00pm UK time

Facilitators: Kasia Rutkowska-Parkes and Ursula Barbieri


In this webinar we will explore the theme of Love as a state of complete Self-Acceptance and Wholeness. We are Love and our Soul is whole, radiant and eternal.
Unfortunately, the grief caused by the experience of not being loved unconditionally keeps us separated from Soul Love.
The truth is that the only place where we can find love is inside ourselves, and yet we look for love externally, in relationships and worldly acknowledgements.
By letting go of unhelpful co-dependent patterns and attachments, and judgments about how situations or people should be, we learn to love ourselves and the world unconditionally.

As Byron Kate says: an open mind is the key to an open heart.

By transforming feelings of being unloved and unlovable and the pain caused by rejection and separation, we open to the love at the centre of our own divine being.

Each Soul has a unique signature of Love and in this webinar we will work at revealing your original Soul Contract, as the particular love energy you came to express in this life.
Come and join us to connect to your Soul Love and Purpose. We will remember that sacred space where we are never alone, as we feel unconditionally loved and supported by our Soul and by the universe.

Booking: please email either Kasia or Ursula
 Ursula: info@ursulabarbieri.com
Kasia: healingandalignment@gmail.com 


The contribution is £15, payable via paypal to kasia8@gmail.com